Zim launches logistics unit

Zim launches logistics unit

Zim Israel Navigation Co., the Israeli shipping company, has launched a logistics service for cargo moving between China and the United States.

The service, like those operated in association with other ocean carriers such as Maersk Sealand and APL, will be a neutral provider offering consolidation, full container, warehousing and airfreight services for companies importing goods from China.

In launching a logistics service, Zim is the latest ocean carrier to go down this road. Carriers, which have a core competency in international transportation to begin with, have found new and more lucrative revenue sources in logistics.

"Zim Logistics is a separate company from Zim Container Line. It's a neutral company, in that we can use any carrier in the industry, and any airline in the industry," said Barbara Carpe, president and owner of Carpe Air and Sea Shipping Inc. of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., a forwarder and non-vessel operating common carrier that has been appointed as the exclusive agent for Zim Logistics in the U.S.

All Zim Logistics rates in the U.S., which Carpe describes as "very competitive" will be quoted by her firm, she said.

"We are serving all clients, from garments to toys, to giftware - every commodity that is shipped from China," Carpe said. She said Zim Logistics has established 10 offices in China separate from Zim container line offices, including Shanghai and Beijing, and is in a position to handle cargo moving out of all the major Chinese ports.