High-quality silver jewelry

Ref: 10003554 United States

Means of signaling

Ref: 10003856 Guadeloupe

Seeking US-made female intimate apparel

Ref: 10003871 United States

CPJ 425/450 Portland cement

Ref: 10003916 France

Calcium nitrate

Ref: 10003923 Taiwan


Ref: 10003932 France

Milk powder & skimmed milk powder

Ref: 10003946 Jordan

Fluff pulp; semi-finished paper rolls

Ref: 10003949 Jordan

Plant machinery for manufacturing brooms & brushes

Ref: 10003950 India


Ref: 10003951 Chile



Ref: 10003530 United States

Lubricants and industrial cleaners

Ref: 10003531 United States

Protective bulk liners for transportation

Ref: 10003601 United States

Sport shoes, wooden/rattan furniture, garments

Ref: 10003837 Indonesia

All types of electronic electricity kwh meters

Ref: 10003886 Yugoslavia


Ref: 10003912 Italy

Bulk wines, concentrated

Ref: 10003914 Italy

Agricultural mulchers

Ref: 110003915 Italy

Aspartame, from the only Latin American producer

Ref: 10003917 Mexico

Laundry detergent, Lift-Classique retail-ready

Ref: 10003918 United States

Marlboros, other cigarettes

Ref: 10003919 United States

Capital, loans, available worldwide

Ref: 10003920 United States

Leather jackets

Ref: 10003924 Switzerland

Income property, Las Vegas

Ref: 10003925 United States

Discounted construction equipment, like new

Ref: 10003926 United States

World wide web instant business plan and products

Ref: 10003928 Taiwan

High-performance nylon casters

Ref: 10003929 Taiwan

Computer shape clock with music alarm

Ref: 10003931 Taiwan

Levi 501's knock-offs

Ref: 10003933 United States

Free demonstration software for free worldwide calling

Ref: 10003937 United States

Horticultural products

Ref: 10003942 United States

Marble reproductions of stands, vases, etc.

Ref: 10003943 South Korea

Jeans fabric, cotton twill in gray

Ref: 10003944 South Korea

Gemstone paintings

Ref: 10003945 India

Candy & beverage products

Ref: 10003937 Indonesia

High-quality seafood

Ref: 10003952 Chile

CAD-plus selling tools for the home building industry

Ref: 10003954 Canada

Volkswagen Beetle & Golf, reasonably priced

Ref: 10003955 Mexico

Marlboro cigarettes

Ref: 10003956 United States


Do business with South Africa through Trade Expo

Ref: 10003600 United States

One day seminar on industrial counter espionage

Ref: 10003840 United States

Invest: land investment opportunity

Ref: 10003843 Venezuela

GP-2 turns almost everything into gold

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Invest: miner opportunity

Ref: 10003869 Mexico

Long tradition Italian winery

Ref: 10003911 Italy

Leather watch straps

Ref: 10003913 Italy

Portland cement

Ref: 1003916 France

Pipe freezing service, training and equipment

Ref: 10003921 United States

Liaison work offered by experienced professional

Ref: 110003922 India

Invest: business systems Internet phone & online services

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Invest: world wide web instant business plan and products

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Seeking a sales agent for handy counter

Ref: 10003930 Japan

Invest: license to produce organic products

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Seeking travel agencies

Ref: 10003935 Indonesia

Seeking distributors for horticultural products

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Distribution of 3-D design software, home building

Ref: 110003938 Canada

Loans/funds available for the U.S.

Ref: 10003940 United States