Portable water filters

Ref: 10003111 Mexico

Water cartridges

Ref: 10003112 Mexico

Used/unused key telephone systems (KTS) EPABX & parts

Ref: 10003118 India

Self-contained & packaged boiler systems

Ref: 10003128 United States

Patented or branded products

Ref: 10003137 Taiwan

Developer paper, developer film and bleach film

Ref: 10003140 United States

50 new grain silos with all fittings

Ref: 10003142 United Kingdom


Ref: 10003145 United States

Sports logo licensed apparel

Ref: 10003166 United States


Pigment blue 15:0, used in rubber printing inks

Ref: 10003101 India

African, U.S. & Latin American business directories

Ref: 10003114 United States

Trade information, track imports & exports

Ref: 10003115 United States

Coal, various grades and quality

Ref: 10003116 Indonesia

Water processor

Ref: 10003120 Mexico

Office furniture/seating

Ref: 10003123 United States

Commercial food service supplies

Ref: 10003124 United States

Infant christening gowns

Ref: 10003125 United States

Designer girls' apparel

Ref: 10003126 United States

Packaging components

Ref: 10003127 United States

Organic treats & snacks

Ref: 10003129 United States

Condiments, seasonings, spices & extracts

Ref: 10003130 United States

Recycled cotton textile scrap

Ref: 10003131 United States

Decorative shades

Ref: 10003132 United States

Wallpaper, vertical fabrics & trims

Ref: 10003133 United States

Consumable items for copiers and printers (toners)

Ref: 10003135 United States

Pistachios from UAE

Ref: 10003136 United States

Grain silos

Ref: 10003143 United Kingdom


Ref: 10003144 China


Ref: 10003146 Indonesia

Toners cartridge

Ref: 10003148 Italy

4,000 fax machines offered to non-U.S. firms

Ref: 10003151 United States


Ref: 10003154 United States

Live sea worms (for sea bait)

Ref: 10003155 United States

PVP-iodine powder

Ref: 10003158 United States

Surge protection devices

Ref: 10003159 United States

Grease Master ultimate biodegradable cleaner

Ref: 10003160 United States

Hot water sanitizing equipment (for food/beverage companies)

Ref: 10003161 United States

Steam products (traps, press, temperature regulators, etc.)

Ref: 10003162 United States

Vegetal & biodegradable motor oils

Ref: 10003164 France

Kosher foods/kosher for Passover products

Ref: 10003167 United States


Joint venture: freight forwarding, shipping agency

Ref: 10003117 India

Invest: joint venture

Ref: 10003119 Indonesia

Import promotional products and gift items

Ref: 10003134 United States

Seeking business partner for Expo '98 project

Ref: 10003138 Switzerland

For rent/sale: business site in Munich

Ref: 10003139 Switzerland

Collaboration for production of knitted wear

Ref: 10003147 Bulgaria

Importers/distributors needed for photocopier parts

Ref: 10003149 Italy

Importers/agents needed for prestigious sportswear

Ref: 10003150 United States

Loans available worldwide

Ref: 10003152 United States

Invest: funds/capital available

Ref: 10003153 United States

Health and vigour - homeopathy

Ref: 10003157 New Zealand

Seeking technical trading partners

Ref: 10003163 France

Invest: property investment (UK)

Ref: 10003073 England