Wal-Mart Targets Online Sales in Asia

Wal-Mart Targets Online Sales in Asia

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, is preparing to launch e-commerce operations in China and Japan as part of a global effort to increase its online presence, the Financial Times reports.

The retailer already has 282 stores in China and 371 Seiyu stores in Japan but has no direct online sales in those countries.

It is now setting up systems for adapting its new centralized dot-com technology platform, under development during the past two years, to work in the two countries. A Walmart job advertisement for a "product localization manager" for Japan and China lists responsibilities that cover preparing for the launch of an e-commerce business, the Financial Times reported.

The position is one of dozens advertised by Walmart in recent months since it set up a new Global.com business unit in San Francisco, headed by Wan Ling Martello, former chief financial officer of the retailer’s international business.

Eduardo Castro-Wright, Walmart vice-chairman, said in January that the new business unit would seek to expand "both in developed markets where we currently have stores and an online presence and in markets where we don't."

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