U.N. Focuses on Five Haiti Routes

U.N. Focuses on Five Haiti Routes

The United Nations’ World Food Program said it will use five routes to overcome logistics obstacles as it steps up delivery of relief supplies to Haiti.

Josette Sheeran, the U.N. agency’s executive director, said the five routes for food assistance and relief supplies will be by road from the neighboring Dominican Republic, by air into the main airport at Port-au-Prince and another airstrip at Barahonas, through the main port at Port-au-Prince and into the port at Cap Haitien.

She said the World Food Program is establishing four hubs to deliver food in Port-au-Prince and at least 30 others elsewhere across Haiti.

She said an agreement on guaranteed landing slots for aircraft carrying humanitarian assistance means the flow of aid to Haiti will increase dramatically in the next few days.

“Within the next week, WFP aims to move the equivalent of 10 million ready-to-eat meals so that people whose homes have been destroyed, and who have no access to cooking facilities, can feed their children,” Sheeran said.