"Scouting and Networking for New Technologies in Life and Material Sciences." Aug. 28-29. Seminar sponsored by Technology Transfer Conferences. Chicago. Contact: Lucy W. Sircy, (615) 366-0679.

Implementing EDI. Aug. 28-29. Sponsored by EDI Group. Washington. Contact: (708) 848-0135.Principles of EDI Management. Aug. 30-Sept. 1. Sponsored by EDI Group. Boston. Contact: (708) 848-0135.

Principles of EDI Management. Sept. 6-8. Sponsored by EDI Group. Toronto. Contact: (708) 848-0135.

InfoWarCon '95. Sept. 7-8. Information warfare conference. Sponsored by Command Software Systems, IBM Corp. and Scrambler Technologies Inc. Arlington, Va. Contact: National Computer Security Assoc., (717) 258-1816.

14th Advanced Strategies for Electronic Commerce: EDI, E-Mail and the Internet. Sept. 10-13. Sponsored by EDI Group. Chicago. Contact: (708) 848-0135.

World Teleport Association. Sept. 11-15. 11th general assembly. Toronto. Contact: (212) 432-2028.

Networked Economy Conference. Sept. 12-13. Third annual conference. Washington, D.C. Contact: Barbara Kerbel, (516) 562-5218.

Cargo Facts '95 Used Aircraft Symposium. Sept. 13-15. Inaugural conference. Seattle. Contact: Jackie Edinger, (206) 587-6537.

Electronic Toll & Traffic Management Symposium. Sept. 16-20. Sponsored by International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association. New York. Contact: (202) 659-4620.

Unix Expo. Sept. 19-21. 12th annual exhibition. New York. Contact: Blenheim's I.T. Events Division, (800) 829-3976 or (201) 346-1400 ext. 145 or 152.

Transportation, Logistics and Distribution Computer Expo. Sept. 20. Sponsored by the University of North Carolina. Charlotte, N.C. Contact: Marti Decker, (704) 547-2424.