Swine Flu Infects Supply Chains

Swine Flu Infects Supply Chains

The swine flu outbreak in Mexico is rattling supply chains across the globe,  Adrian Gonzalez writes on ARC Advisory Group's Logistics Viewpoints blog.

Russia is already banning meat imports from Mexico and the Southern United States, and China slapped a ban on meat from California, Texas and Kansas as well as Mexico, he reports (click here to read the article).

“Considering that Mexico is the United States’ second largest trading partner, I expect this outbreak to affect many other products and supply chains if the situation in Mexico worsens,” says Gonzalez, head of the consultancy's logistics executive council. “If your supply chain team is not holding an emergency meeting this morning … to analyze this risk and its potential impact … you are setting yourself up for potential hardships in the days and weeks ahead.”

Harry Rhulen of risk management firm Firestorm calls the swine flu outbreak a “wake up call.” Writing in the Supply Chain Today forum on Linked in, he urged companies to prepare their supply chains for the “next killer bug.” (Firestorm helps its clients develop communicable illness plans, and the company is hosting a free webinar on the swine flu outbreak April 29.)

“If you have not predicted your exposures, developed appropriate plans and performed education and test exercises, both on a business and personal level, you are making a mistake,” Rhulen says.