Semiconductor Shipments Forecast to Accelerate

Semiconductor Shipments Forecast to Accelerate

Semiconductor manufacturers are raising their projections for industry shipments in 2011, forecasting sales will grow 5.4 percent over last year to $314.4 billion.

The growth following last year’s 31.8 percent expansion in a recovery year for the anchor technology equipment business, marks an increase from the Semiconductor Industry Association’s earlier forecast of 4.5 percent growth.

“At a time of economic uncertainty, the semiconductor industry continues to be a bright spot in the U.S., economy,” SIA President Brian Toohey said.

The industry group’s forecast calls for “moderate year-over-year growth through 2013, driven by global demand for high-end electronics and growth in emerging economies.”

Shipments of chips have been hurt this year by the impact of the natural disasters in Japan, where sales year-over-year fell 9.9 percent in May, according to SIA. Global semiconductor sales were up 1.3 percent in May compared to last year.