RedPrairie Acquires Shippers Commonwealth

RedPrairie Acquires Shippers Commonwealth

RedPrairie, a productivity software provider, completed the acquisition of Shippers Commonwealth, a software-as-a-service TMS and collaborative transportation software provider.

The acquisition adds SaaS TMS and client hosting programs to RedPrairie’s productivity suite. ShipComm and RedPrairie have been strategic alliance partners for more than 10 years.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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“The union of ShipComm and RedPrairie will expand our presence and responsiveness to the needs of the TMS marketplace in our On-Demand offerings to bring total cloud computing solutions that are accessible to all sectors within our served markets,” said Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie CEO.

“I am pleased to see ShipComm and RedPrairie formally joining forces,” said Mark Albright, vice president of logistics for The Sports Authority. “This combination allows us to expand our successful program with ShipComm to a new level of integrated solutions that respond to future needs.”

Bob Shagawat, CEO and founder of ShipComm, will serve as a strategic advisor during the transition period.

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