Brazil's Trade Surplus

Declined in FebruarySAO PAULO, Brazil - Brazil registered a foreign trade surplus in February of US$858 million, down from US$1.032 billion in January, the Bank of Brazil's import-export agency has reported.

February exports totaled US$2.058 billion, down from US$2.144 billion in January, the agency said Wednesday. February imports totaled US$1.2 billion, up from January's US$1.112 billion.

In February of last year, Brazil had a surplus of only US$320 million.

Thailand May Import

1st Soybeans Since '81

WASHINGTON - An Agriculture Department report says Thailand may import soybeans for the first time since 1981 due to drought and a shortage of the oilseed.

The department's Foreign Agricultural Service also said a decision is expected about the country's import quota for soybean meal. Feed mills and livestock producers, meanwhile, have turned to other oilseed meals not restricted by quotas, such as sunflower seed meal and peanut meal.

US Switching System

Operational in Japan

The first U.S.-made digital switching system to be installed in the Japanese telephone network, the world's largest, put through its first call to Tokyo this week.

The combination of hardware and software was produced at the Northern Telecom Inc. complex in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The DMS-10 switching system is part of a $250 million contract signed in 1986 between the Canadian-based Northern Telecom and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., Japan's national telephone company.

Northern Telecom is the world's leading manufacturer of fully digital telecommunications systems.