OECD Deficit Grows

Despite Record TourismThe Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reported that international tourism among its 24 member countries reached record levels in 1987.

However, expenditures on tourism in OECD countries rose 30 percent, more than offsetting the 23 percent rise in receipts, and widening the overall tourism deficit from $4 billion in 1986 to $12 billion in 1987.

According to provisional OECD figures, arrivals at frontiers in OECD countries rose 6 percent, nights spent in accommodations were up 5 percent and receipts in real terms increased 6 percent.

China Reports Surplus

Of 20 Million Workers

BEIJING - China has 20 million surplus workers, although there are substantial manpower shortages in jobs requiring heavy labor, an official daily said Tuesday.

The China Daily said surplus workers in the total work force of 132 million are costing the state billions of yuan and are a heavy burden to enterprises. (One U.S. dollar equals 3.7 yuan.)

It quoted the director of a boiler factory as saying his operation would be more efficient if the current staff of 10,000 was reduced by 4,000. However, it said workers in over-staffed plants and unemployed youths are reluctant to volunteer for jobs in repair businesses or those requiring heavy labor. Those jobs are filled mainly by surplus agricultural workers, the report said.