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9403500000 Hotel & office furniture

Product data: Furniture for hotel rooms, lobbies, bars, restaurants, press centers, business centers, offices, and banks. Specifications/technical data: beds, 1.5 and double (with mattresses; desks and dining tables, coffee tables (oval, round, rectangular); cupboards, chests of draws, TV stands, sofas, armchairs, office armchairs, bedside tables, mirrors, picture frames, balustrades. Quantity: furniture for 240 hotel rooms. U.S. dollar value: to be negotiated. Purchase needed: within three months. Payment terms: bank transfer, letter of credit. Service contract needed: yes. Shipping terms: c.i.f., ddp.

Response data: Language: Russian. Best way to respond: fax or mail. From manufacturers only: yes. Information desired: catalogs, price lists, samples, promotion materials. Primary buying factors: price, shipping terms, quality. Intent to buy: strong. Type of buying or licensing relationship: long term.

Company data: Distributor. Established: 1996. Number of employees: 10. Annual sales: less than $1 million. Member of business chamber, bank ref, U.S. firms represented: NA. Public. Sales territory: Moscow and Russian regions. Company description and business activity: Mosarchinform is an information and technical center at the Committee for Architecture and Urban Construction of Moscow. Its primary goal is to create a centralized database for architectural organizations of Moscow on manufacturers of building and finishing materials and interior equipment.

Post remarks: This is an urgent trade lead and should be treated accordingly.

Contact: Irina Savelyeva, Manager, Mosarchinform, 6, 2nd Brestskaya Ul., Moscow 125047. Tel: 7 095 250 3579 ext. 232. Fax: 7 095 250 3579.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS-TOP), Mosarchinform, American Embassy/Moscow, PSC-77, APO, AE 09721. Ref: 462-01-000133-T. Prepared by: Vladimir P. Maximov. Approved by: James Sullivan.

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