Damco Joins Wireless Standards Alliance

Damco Joins Wireless Standards Alliance

Damco, the combined brand of A.P. Moller-Maersk logistics activities, joined the DASH7 Alliance, an international group promoting the use of an advanced wireless sensor networking technology.

The Alliance is a group of more than 40 companies working to advance development of the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard, which evolved from the radio-frequency identification and sensing technologies used in the defense industry. Because of its long range, ten-year battery life and its ability to penetrate water, concrete and other materials that can block other radio frequency signals, DASH7 is used extensively today by the military for tracking ocean cargo shipments. To meet the needs of the commercial shipping and supply chain industries, The DASH7 Alliance recently formed the Container Sensing and Security Initiative, to define the next generation of cargo container tracking and monitoring devices.

"When Damco gets involved in a technology alliance it has great potential to move the market," said Patrick Burns, president of the DASH7 Alliance. "Damco is a thought leader around many supply chain technologies and their involvement in the DASH7 Alliance will greatly advance our efforts to establish DASH7 as the de facto standard for any commercial organization that wants better knowledge as to the whereabouts and condition of its people, assets and cargo."

"We see great potential for DASH7 technology," said Jeremy Haycock, President of Damco USA. "We hope that by joining the alliance, we can have an impact on how the technology is applied to areas such as container security, perishable goods, air cargo and other applications, thus providing improved service to our customers".

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