Commerce rules for Canadian swine producers

Commerce rules for Canadian swine producers

The U.S. Department of Commerce, in a preliminary ruling released Tuesday, says it found no evidence that Canadian hog producers have contravened trade law by subsidizing exports of live hogs. Canadian swine exporters have been accused of illegally subsidizing and then dumping their animals on the U.S. market.

According to the Commerce ruling, any subsidies Canada might have given its hog industry are too small to justify American tariffs.

Although a final ruling on the charges won't come until the end of this year, Canadian federal Agriculture Minister Andy Mitchell said, "We are pleased that Canada's fair trading practices are reflected in this decision."

"Canada will continue to defend the interests of Canadian swine exporters, in consultation with stakeholders and the provinces, and will continue to ensure that its international trade rights are being fully respected."

Last year, Canadian producers exported about 7.2 million live swine worth US$380 million into the U.S. market.

-- Alan Field