COAC solicits new members

COAC solicits new members

WASHINGTON -- The Departmental Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection and Related Functions, known as COAC, is accepting applications for new members through Sept. 15 as it prepares to begin its ninth term.

COAC provides advice to the secretaries of Homeland Security and Treasury on matters involving the commercial operations of Customs and related functions in DHS and Treasury. The committee provides an opportunity for industry representatives to discuss their views and advise senior government officials.

Members are chosen from the trade and transportation communities that do business with Customs, as well as other communities affected by customs commercial operations. Committee members are chosen to represent the major regions of the country. No more than 10 members can be affiliated with the same political party.

During the next two-year term of the committee, COAC members are expected to consider enhanced border and cargo supply chain security, as well as customs modernization and automation, compliance, account-based processing, commercial enforcement, international harmonization efforts, border issues and relationships with foreign customs authorities.

Those interested in joining the 20-member panel should send a statement of interest, a professional biography and political affiliation to the office of the Assistant Secretary for Border and Transportation Security at the DHS.

There are at least 10 openings on the committee. Technically, the entire membership of the commission is open; members who have served only one year can reapply for membership.

-- Andrew Beadle