CSX crossroads

CSX crossroads

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CSX, the major rail player in Indianapolis, hopes to increase its business at the Midwest hub by computerizing the hump processor at its yard there to boost productivity.

The railroad''s Avon classification yard handles roughly 1,500 to 1,600 cars a day with roughly 60 percent of the volume headed for or coming off interchange with western carriers Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway in St. Louis. The other 40 percent of CSX''s business in Indianapolis is local.

Avon is supported by two satellite yards; one, southwest of downtown, mainly serves a General Motors stamping plant that manufactures parts for trucks and buses. The other, CSX''s Hawthorne yard, handles the rest of the local industry within a 50-mile radius. It dispatches 150 cars a day, mostly grain moving outbound for domestic or export use or inbound for further milling.

Interchange with shortlines such as the Indiana Rail Road, the Central Railroad Company of Indiana, and the Louisville and Indiana Railroad further expands CSX''s reach another 200 miles from the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

In addition, Norfolk Southern trackage rights over CSX lines provides certain shippers with competitive rail alternatives.