ABI Management Inc. 9AACLI International Inc. 6A

ACLI Metals (London) Ltd. 6A

Adjustco Inc. 9A

AgriVisor Services Inc. 6A

Air Products Corp. 9B

Airbus Industrie 2B,5B

Alexander & Alexander Services Inc. 9A

Alexsis Inc. 9A

Allied-Signal Inc. 9B

Aluminum Co. of America 3A

American Airlines 2B

American Express Bank Ltd. 7A

American Petroleum Institute 6B

American President Lines 1A

American President Cos. 1A

American Transport Line 1A

AML Holdings Inc. 6A

Apple Computer Inc. 3A

Applied Communications Inc. 5B

Arco Chemical Co. 9B

Associated Gas Distributors 7B

Associated Metals and

Minerals Corp. 6A

Atlantic Richfield Co. 6B,9B

Atochem SA 9B

B.C. Hydro & Power Authority 7B

Banco Santander 7A

Bankers Trust 7A

Banque Indosuez 7A

Banque Paribas 7A

Barclays Bank 7A


Batus Financial Services Inc. 9A

Batus Inc. 9A

Beatrice Co. 10A

AB Best Matic 5A

Best Matic International Ltd. 5A

Best Matic Sondermaschinen GmbH 5A

Big Apple Wrecking Corp. 9A

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

of Michigan 9A

Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. 2B

Boston Co. 3A

British Aerospace PLC 5B

Britoil PLC 7B

Alex. Brown & Sons 1A,4B

Bureau Veritas Container

Services Corp. 5A

Bureau Veritas 5A

Burlington Northern Inc. 1A

Burlington Northern Railroad 1A,4B

Canon Inc. 5A

Canon Sales Inc. 5A

Capital Growth Partners 7A

Carey's Inc. 4B

Carolina Freight Corp. 4B

Celanese Corp. 9B

CF AirFreight Netherlands BV 5B

Cheasapeake Consulting Group Inc. 9A

Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd. 5A

China International Trust

and Investment Co. 6A

Chrysler Corp. 4A

Citibank 7A

Citicorp 7A

Cities Service Co. 7B

Columbia Natural Gas

Transmission Corp. 7B

Conrail 1A

Consolidated Freightways Inc. 5B

Container Express Line 1A

Control Data Corp. 5A

Crawford Coal Co. 7B

CSX Corp. 1A

CSX Distribution Services 4B

CSX Rail 1A

CSX Transportation 4B

Daiwa Securities America 7A

Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. 1A

Delaware River Port Authority 1A

Deutsche Bank 7A

Direct Container Line Inc. 1B

Dixie Carriers Inc. 9B

Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Inc. 6A

Henry Doneger & Associates 4A

Dow Corning 9B


Ecom Consultants Inc. 7A

A.G. Edwards and Co. 6A

Elastogran GmbH 9B

Elastogran Headway Urethanes Co. 9B

Elf-Aquitaine 6B,9B

Equitable Life Assurance Society

of the United States 9A


Essex Life Insurance Co. 9A

Evergreen Marine Corp. 1B

Farmers Group Inc. 9A

Fashion' N Leather 4A

Fibro Oil 6B

Financial Trends Management 7A

Flying Tiger Line 4B

Ford Motor Co. 4A,9A,4B

Frequenz Record Co. 4A

GE Capital 4B

GE Capital Transportation

and Industrial Funding 4B

General DataComm Industries Inc. 9A

General Electric Co. 4B

General Motors Corp. 4A,9A,4B

Getty Oil Co. 10A

Getty Petroleum Corp. 10A

Gill and Duffus 6A

G.I. Trucking Co. 4B

J.P. Goodgal Inc. 1A

Green Island Cement 5A

GTE Service Corp. 4B

Guardian Royal Exchange PLC 9A

Gulf Power Co. 7B

John Hancock Mutual Life

Insurance Co. 7A

John Hancock Capital Growth

Management Inc. 7A

Hapag-Lloyd AG 1A

Hartford Insurance Group 1B

Hawaiian Pacific Freight

Forwarding Inc. 4B

Headway Chemical Industry Co. 9B

Henley Group 1A

A. Foster Higgins & Co. 9A

Hoechst AG 9B

Holland Carbon Fuels Inc. 7B

Hollywood Marine Inc. 9B

Holt Cargo Systems Inc. 1A

Hong Kong Electric Co. 5A

Hongkong and Shanghai

Banking Corp. 7A

Houston Transmodal Owning Co. 3B

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. 5A


Imabari Shipbuilding Co. 10B

Independent Container Line 1A

Industrial Bank of Japan 7A

Ingersoll-Rand 5A

Ingram Barge Co. 9B

Insurance Co. of the West 9A


Heavy Industries 10B

Isuzu Motor Co. 4A

Isuzu Motors Ltd. 4B

Itel Rail Corp. 4B

Jaguar PLC 4A

Johnson & Higgins 9A

Kansai International Airport 1A

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. 10B

Kelly and Associates 1A

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. 10A

Leaseway Personnel Corp. 4B

Leaseway Transportation Corp. 4B

Liberty Intermodal. 1B

Lloyd's Shipping Intelligence Unit 10B

Lockheed California 2B


M&M-Mars 4A

M.G. Maher & Co. 5B

Maersk Line 1A

Mapco Oil 6B

Mark VII Transportation Co. 4B

Mazda Motor Corp. 4A,9A

McDonnell Douglas 2B

McKenzie Service Co. 9B

Mellon Bank 7A

Mesa Limited Partnership 10A

Metall und Rohstoff AG 6A

Miho Shipyard Co. 10B

Mission Insurance Group 9A

Mitsubishi Bank 7A

Mitsubishi Group 7A

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. 10B

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. 4A

Monsanto Chemical Co. 9B

Moran Towing & Transportation Co. 1B

J.P. Morgan & Co. 7A

National Australia Bank Ltd. 7A

National Iranian Tanker Co. 10B

National Mines Corp. 7B

National Steel Corp. 7B

National Westminster Bank 7A

New England 9A

Newark Florists Inc. 9B

Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. 6B

Nippon Kokan K.K. 10B

Nissan Motor Corp. 4A

Norfolk Southern Corp. 1A,4B

North East Insurance Co. 9A

Occidental Petroleum Corp. 7B

Orient Overseas Container Line Inc. 1B

OXY Oil and Gas USA Inc. 7B

Pace Consultants Inc. 9B

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. 9A

Peabody Coal Co. 7B

Peabody Holding Co. 7B

Peninsula & Oriental Steam

Navigation Co. 10B

Petro Mediteranean 6B

Philadelphia Port Corp. 1A

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad 1A

PNC Financial Corp. 7A

Port Authority of New York

and New Jersey 1A,10A

Port of Brownsville 3B

Port of Dover 3B,10B

Port of Felixstowe 3B

Port of Gulfport 3B

Port of Houston 3B

Port of Immingham 3B

Port of Lerwick 3B

Port of London 3B

Port of Long Beach 3B

Port of Los Angeles 3B

Port of Oakland 3B

Port of Prince Rupert 3B

Port of San Francisco 3B

Port of Seattle 3B,10B

Port of Wilmington 1A

AB Presscut 5A

Price Waterhouse 1B

Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. 3B

Private TransAtlantic

Telecommunications System Inc. 5B

Progress Inc. 4A

Prudential Insurance Co. of America 9A

Prudential Reinsurance Co. 9A

Puerto Rico Maritime

Shipping Authority 10B


Research Associates 7A

Rollins Burdick Hunter 9A

Rover Group PLC 5B

Ryan-Walsh Stevedoring Co. 3B

Ryder System Inc. 4B

St. Louis Port Authority 10B

Salomon Brothers Inc. 7A,10A

Santa Fe Railway 4B

Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. 1A

Schlegel Corp. 4B

Scotts Branch Co. 7B

Sea-Land Service Inc. 1A,10B

Seattle Marine Business Coalition 3B

Self-Insurers Service Inc. 9A

Senator Line 1A

Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co. 10B

Sitmar 3B

South Jersey Port Corp. 1A

Staar Surgical Co. 5A

Standard Chartered Bank 7A

State Farm Insurance Cos. 9A

Steinberg & Lyman 7A

Sterling Research Corp. 6A

Sucres et Denrees 6A

Sumitomo Bank Ltd. 7A

Sun Co. 6B

Sunkist Inc. 5A

Texaco Inc. 10A,7B

Texaco North Sea U.K. Co. 7B

Thomson McKinnon Securities Inc. 10A

Toronto Dominion Bank 7A

Totem Ocean Trailer Express 10B

Toyota Motor Corp. 4A

Toyota U.S.A. 4A

Trailer Marine Transport Corp. 10B

Trans Freight Lines 5B

Trans World Airlines Inc. 10A

Triple Crown RoadRailer 4B

Trucking Management Inc. 1A

Tucker, Anthony & R.L. Day 7A


Union Bay Shipbuilding Co. 3B

Union Carbide Corp. 9B

Union Pacific Corp. 1A

Union Pacific Fruit Express 4B

Union Pacific Railroad 4B

Uniroyal Corp. 9A

Unitron Engenharia Industria

e Comercio Ltda. 3A

Universal International

(Holdings) Ltd. 4A

Universal Maritime Service Corp. 10A

Universal Matchbox Group Ltd. 4A


Vertikum 3A

Virginia Export Trading Co. 10B

Virginia Port Authority 10B

Warner-Lambert Co. 4B

Wellington-Ross Insurance

Services Inc. 9A

Wilh. Wilhelmsen 1B

XTRA Corp. 4B

Yangming Marine Transport 1B