ROSE 3 PERCENT IN JAPAN IN '91Aluminum demand from Japanese end-users rose a year-on-year 3 percent from January to November 1991 to a total of 3.88 million tons (3.53 million metric tons), but growth slowed from the 3.5 percent rate posted from January to October, the Japan Aluminium Federation reported Monday.

Imports of unwrought, unalloyed aluminum increased 5.2 percent to 1.91 million metric tons during the January-November period last year.

Stocks of primary aluminum in Japan grew to 325,041 metric tons by the end of October, compared with 309,000 metric tons at the end of September, according to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Total aluminum demand (primary, secondary and scrap) in November 1991 fell 2 percent to 323,400 metric tons from November 1990.



WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Total Canadian stocks of the eight major grains on farms and in commercial positions as of Dec. 31 were 39.3 million metric tons, a drop of 6.4 percent from the 42.0 million tons at the same time last year, Statistics Canada said in its stocks report.

It noted that supplies in store at commercial positions was up in

comparison with last year.

Statistics Canada estimated all wheat stocks on farm and in commercial positions at 28.988 million metric tons, a slight decline from 29.061 million tons on Dec. 31, 1990.

Statistics Canada said the quality of the hard red spring wheat supplies were excellent, with 98 percent of the stocks in store in Manitoba and Saskatchewan grading either No. 1 Canada western or No. 2 Canada western. In Alberta, 91 percent of the hard wheat stocks were No. 1 or No. 2 Canada western.