Since elections are all the buzz these days, what is the state of democracy in East and Southeast As
The 1980s have brought radical changes to the United States. An enormous federal deficit has spawned
The U.S. dollar's value relative to the major foreign currencies has been declining for nearly three
WHEN IT COMES TO NEGOTIATING trade deals, aviation is a field unto itself. But in an unusual challen
THE WORLD'S GOVERNMENTS, it seems, want a stable dollar. But stability doesn't come cheap.

Exports Help Raise

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Europe's cleanest, neatest and most caring society is fraying at the edges. The streets of Amsterda
Is the U.S. flag merchant marine in its death throes? It appears so. Presently, U.S. shipyards have
TRADE SEEMS TO BE THE BURNING ISSUE as presidential candidates crisscross the South before Super Tue
You should try it yourself if you don't believe me. The next time you are face to face with an inter
The signing of the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty has improved the atmosphere between the
WHILE TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY JAMES BURNLEY'S PROPOSAL for drug testing of airline workers in safet
A few years ago, we asked the late German physicist and rocketry engineer Krafft Ehricke to outline
THE McBRIDE PRINCIPLES, a statement of the employment policies to which foreign firms operating in N