Cilcorp Ventures

To Invest in EcogenLANGHORNE, Pa. - Cilcorp Ventures Inc. recently announced plans to invest up to $1.5 million in Ecogen Inc.

The Cilcorp Ventures' investment will enable Ecogen to participate in a collaborative research program not yet disclosed.

Ecogen Inc. is an agricultural biotechnology company which is a leader in developing biological pesticides. Current research projects include biopesticides for cotton, corn, vegetables, forestry, and home and garden use.

CVI has purchased from Ecogen $500,000 of unregistered Ecogen shares at the market price. CVI is also providing Ecogen with a $1 million three-year loan and will receive warrants to purchase 100,000 Ecogen shares at $10 a share, within three years.

C-E Expects Boost

From Paper and Pulp

STAMFORD, Conn. - Combustion Engineering Inc. reported that it expects strong 1988 financial results from pulp and paper sector sales.

Chief Executive Officer Charles Hugel said further improvement in this business is expected during 1988 as a result of strong demand for engineering services in the hydrocarbon processing and pulp and paper industries. The company's engineering and construction business returned to profitability for the first time since 1982 on reduced sales, a company spokesman said.

C-E's process industries segment had improved sales but reduced operating income in 1987. This was offset in part by continued strong performance from industrial minerals lines, led by kaolin fillers and coatings for the paper industry, the spokesman said. C-E's environmental segment had improved sales but operated at a loss, he also said.

Du Pont Software

Aids in Toxic Reports

WILMINGTON, Del. - E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.'s Du Pont Environmental Management Services has introduced a software product that enables users, manufacturers and importers of toxic chemicals to meet the July 1 deadline for reporting 1987 releases under the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act.

Title III, Section 313 of the act requires an annual inventory of the amounts of designated toxic chemicals entering the air, surface water, groundwater, land and waste treatment systems.

The new expert system, called the 313 Advisor, was developed to aid engineers in the complex process of completing the Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (Form R).

The system, which incorporates artificial intelligence programming, acts as a consultant, guiding users through the steps necessary to complete Form R and assisting them with specific supplementary calculations.

The system also maintains an audit trail to document the entire inventory process.