SPEEDNEWS AVIATION INDUSTRY Suppliers Conference. March 24-25. Los Angeles. Contact: (310) 203-9603, or fax (310) 203-9352.

AIR CARGO ASSOCIATION LUNCHEON. March 26. New York. Speaker: Michael Meagher, general manager, cargo, Aer Lingus. Contact: John Norcum (718) 656-8111.WORLD AIR CARGO Internet Symposium & Exhibition. March 29-31. Oakland, Calif. Sponsored by The Journal of Commerce. Contact: Jessica Dunlap (212) 837-7163, or fax: (212) 837-7043. E-mail: jdunlap(AT)

AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST Aviation Symposium. April 20-22. Manhattan Beach, Calif. Presented by the U.S. Trade & Development Agency. Project sponsors from Africa and Middle East, representing 40 aviation projects worth $2 billion in export opportunities, will give presentations and be available for one-on-one meetings. Contact: Foreign Trade Association, (213) 627-0634.

ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION International Conference. April 26-29. Boston. Contact: Tom Schooler, (713) 532-2177 or fax, (713) 532-2166.

CNS PARTNERSHIP CONFERENCE. May 3-5. San Diego. Sponsored by Cargo Network Services. Contact: CNS at (516) 747-3312 or fax (516) 747-3431.

International Air Cargo Association. May 3-6. Paris. 19th Annual International Air Cargo Forum. Contact: Arthur Weldy (412) 821-2121 or fax (412) 821-0560.

INTERNATIONAL AIR CARGO Association. May 3-6. Paris. Forum and exposition. Contact: (305) 858-5100, or fax (305) 443-9698, or, or e-mail: secgen(AT)

WORLD EXPRESS AND MAIL CONFERENCE and Exhibition. May 11-13, Washington. Contact: Mike Nordmann, 011-441-494-6780000 or fax 011-441-494-678888. E-mail: events(AT)

TELEPOST 98. May 14-15. Washington. International conference and exhibition on developing postal strategies through emerging technologies.

AIR COURIER CONFERENCE of America. May 17-19. West Palm Beach, Fla. 23rd Annual Conference and Exposition. Contact: April James, (202) 452-0770 or fax (202) 833-3636.

COMPREHENSIVE MULTIMODAL COURSE. June 1-5, Orlando, Fla. Sponsored by the National Industrial Transportation League. Contact: Patricia McKenney (703) 524-5011.

INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION. Annual General Meeting. June 7-9, Montreal. Contact: Anne Pavey. 011-44-181-607-6245 or fax 011-44-181-577-8453. email: paveya(AT)

SUPER FLORAL SHOW. June 18-20. Columbus, Ohio. Contact: (602) 998-3992, Fax: (602) 998-7838 or e-mail meetmore(AT)

DANGEROUS GOODS BY AIR. Aug. 10-12, Denver. Sponsored by the National Industrial Transportation League. Contact: Patricia McKenney (703) 524-5011.