This index alphabetically lists all companies and other operating organizations such as ports mentioned in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- AAA Cooper Transportation Co. 2B

Aer Lingus 5B

Aetna Life & Casualty Co. 11A

Air France 5B

Air Inter 5B

Air Products & Chemicals Inc. 9B

Air Tanzania 4A

Airbus Industrie 5B

Akzo NV 9B

Alcoa Australia 1B

Alitalia 5B

Allstate Insurance Co. 11A

Aluminum Co. of America 8A

Amadeus 5B

American Airlines 5B

American Carriers Inc. 2B

American Independent

Reinsurance Co. 11A

American President Lines 4A,10B

American Sugar Refining Co. 3B

Amtrak 2B

Austin Rover Group Ltd. 4A

Austin Rover Cars of North America 4A

Austrian Airlines 5B

Baltic Mercantile Exchange 3B

Bank Line 4A

Bankers Trust Co. 9A

Barclays Bank 9A

Bauxite Alumina Trading Co. 8A

Bedford Chemical 9B

Boeing Co. 5B

Boston & Maine 1A

Boston Edison Co. 7B

Norman Braman Enterprises 4A

British Aerospace 5B

British Airways PLC 5B

Brown-Forman Corp. 9A

Cable & Wireless Ltd. 4B

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. 4B

Cervecerias Modelo 4A

Chase Manhattan Bank 9A

China Civil Aviation Administration 5B

China East Airlines 5B

China International Airlines 5B

China National Import/Export Corp. 8A

Christian Brothers Winery 4A

Cibro Petroleum 7B

Cigna Insurance Co. 11A

Citibank 9A

Citicorp Investment Bank 9A

Comair 5B

Compagnie Maritime Belge 1A

Conrail 2B

Control Data Corp. 1A

Covia 5B

CP Trucks 4B

Crop Genetics International Inc. 9B

CSX Corp. 2B

Cuauhtemoc of Monterrey 4A

Daisy Systems Corp. 5A

Dallas-Fort Worth International

Airport 5B

Dillon, Read & Co. 9A

Dixie Carriers Inc. 10B

Dow Chemical Co. 9B

E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. 9B


Federal Reserve Bank of New York 9A

Ferro Corp. 9B

Finnair 5B

First Chicago Corp. 9A

First National Bank of Chicago 9A

Frost & Sullivan Inc. 9B

Galileo 5B

GE Information Services 1A

GE-Carbide Silicones Inc. 9B

General Electric Co. 9B

General Motors of Canada 4B

Global Terminal & Container Services 3B

Green Giant 4A

Grupo Modelo 4A

GST Corp. 3A

Guilford Transportation

Industries Inc. 1A

Gulf States Utilities Co. 7B

John Hancock Mutual Life

Insurance Co. 11A

Hapag-Lloyd AG 1B

Hartford Insurance Group 11A

Heineken 4A

Hitachi Ltd. 5A

Honda Motor Corp. 4A

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. 4B

Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp. 4B

Hyundai Heavy Industries 1B


Iberia 5B


IIMorrow Inc. 4B

InteCom Inc. 4B

Irving Trust Co. 7B

IU International Corp. 2B

Kaiser Aluminum Co. 8A

Kaufman and Co. 9A

Kemper National P&C Cos. 11A

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 5B

Lippincott & Margulies 4A

Logic International Inc. 5A

Long Island Lighting Co. 6B

Lufthansa 5B

Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. 4A


Maersk Inc. 3B

Maine Central 1A

Mann Packing Co. 4A

Maryland Marine Inc. 10B

McDonnell Douglas Information

Systems Co. 1A

McDonnell Douglas Corp. 1A,4B,5B

Mediterranean Shipping Co. 4A

Merrill Lynch 9A,11A

Metro Mark Integrated Systems Inc. 1A

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 11A

Minnesota Mining and

Manufacturing Co. 3A

Mississippian Railway Cooperative 2B

Mobil Oil Corp. 6B

J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. 9A

Neoax Inc. 2B

New York Shipping Association 3B

New York Stock Exchange 9A

Nisshin Steel Co. 5A

North China Airlines 5B

Northwest China Airlines 5B

Northwestern Mutual Life

Insurance Co. 11A

Ocean States Power Project 7B

Odfjell Westfal-Larsen 10B

Omnitrans International Ltd. 3B

Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. 3B

P&O Containers 4A

PaineWebber Inc. 9A

Pennwalt Corp. 9B

Pillsbury 4A

Platzer Shipyard 10B

Port of Hiroshima 3B

Port of Long Beach 10B

Port of Los Angeles 10B

Port of Marina di Carrara 3B

Port of New York & New Jersey 3B

Port of Oakland 10B

Port of Osaka 3B

Port of Piraeus 3B

Port of Seattle 10B

Port of Tacoma 10B

Port of Yokohama 3B

Portland Smelter Services 1B

Portland Terminal Railroads 1A

ProGas Ltd. 7B

Provigo Inc. 4B


Republic New York Corp. 9A

Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. 7B

Rover Technology Co. 4B

Saban SA 9A

Sabre 5B

Salomon Brothers Inc. 9A

Samuel Shapiro & Co. 5A

Santa Fe Railroad 2B

Sanwa Bank 5A

Scandinavian Airlines System 5B

Science Concepts Inc. 7B

Sea-Land Service Inc. 3B

G.D. Searle & Co. 9B

Separex Corp. 9B

Shearson Lehman Hutton 9A

Skandia America Group 11A

Skandia International Group 11A

Smith's Transfer Corp. 2B

Sony Corp. 4A

South Africa Airways 5B

South China Airlines 5B

Southwest China Airlines 5B

Springfield Terminal Railway 1A

Stapleton International Airport 5B

Starlight Fuel Corp. 7B

Sterling Software Inc. 1A

Stolt-Nielsen Group 10B

Swissair 5B

TAP Air Portugal 5B

Tennessee Gas Pipeline 7B

Texas Air Corp. 5B

TNT Canada Inc. 4B

TNT Overland Express 4B

Trans World Airlines 5B

TransCanada Pipeline 7B

Travicom 5B

Trenwick America Re 11A

Trenwick Group Inc. 11A

Tropical Shipping &

Construction Co. 10B

Tupolev 5B

Tymnet 4B


Union Carbide Corp. 9B

United Airlines 9A,5B

United Parcel Service Inc. 4B

Universal Maritime Service Corp. 3B


USX Corp. 12A

Vnesheconombank 9A

West of England Shipowners Mutual

Insurance Association 1A

Western Union Corp. 1A

Wheeling-Nisshin Inc. 5A

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. 5A

Winter Garden Citrus Products 8A

Xiamen Aviation Co. 5B