This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- Administration General del Puertos 7B

Aeroflot 13B

Air Products and Chemicals Inc. 7A

Alaska Airlines 13B

Alexander & Alexander Services 1A

Amax Co. 9B

American Airlines 13B

American Continental Corp. 9A

American Labelmark Co. 10A

American Telephone &

Telegraph Co. 8A

Amoco Corp. 15B

Amtorg Trading Corp. 4A

Amtrak 2B

Anglo American Insurance Co. 9A

Assicurazioni Generali di

Trieste E Venzia 9A

Associated International

Insurance Co. 9A

Astillas y Exportaciones SA 9B

Atlantic Richfield 14B

Atlantic Richfield Bali North Inc. 14B

Atlantic Richfield Indonesia Inc. 14B

Avondale Shipyards Inc. 12B

Avon Products Inc. 2B

Beech Aircraft Corp. 13B

BHP-Utah Minerals International 9B

BP Nutrition Inc. 4A

Brendamour Warehousing, Moving,

Distribution and Services Inc. 10A

Brendamour-Yokkaichi Worldwide

Distribution Corp. 10A

Charlotte/Douglas Airport 13B

Cho Yang Shipping Co. 1A,16B

Citicorp 9A

Clipper Exxpress Inc. 10A

CNA Insurance Cos. 9A

Coal-Chile Inc. 9B

Coal-Houston Inc. 9B

Colonia Versicherung AG 9A

Commercial Union Assurance

Co. PLC 9A

Compagnie Europeenne d'Assurances

Industrelles SA 9A

Companhia Docas de Imbituba 7B

Compania Chilena de Astillas 9B

Compania Minera del Pacifico 9B

Consolidated Edison Co.

of New York 15B

Corroon & Black Corp. 1A

Cosco Inc. 10A

Crosscape Express 13B

CSL Intermodal 2B

CSX Transportation Inc. 10A

Daewoo 3A

Daito Kogyo Co. 6B

Dallas/Fort Worth International

Airport 13B

Danzas AG 10A

Danzas Corp. 10A

Delta Air Lines 13B

Deutfracht Seereederei 1A,16B

Direct Container Line 10A

R.R. Donnelley and Sons Co. 10A

Donner Chemical Co. 2B


Ecomad-Esuco 7B

Edward J. Funk & Sons Inc. 4A

El Paso Insurance Co. Ltd. 9A

Emporchi 9B

Empresa de Portos do Brasil 7B

Evergreen International Airlines 13B

Exxon Minerals Corp. 9B

Federal Express Corp. 13B

Fernando Hardwig y Compania Ltd. 9B

Finmare Group 12B

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. 1A

First Manhattan Co. 7A

Flota Mercante Grancolombiana SA 5B

Ford Motor Co. 3A

Fuel Resources Development Co. 15B

General Motors Corp. 3A

Global Sysco Inc. 10A

Goethaer Versicherung 9A

Goldstar 3A

Grove Italia SpA 4A

Hadson Corp. 15B

Hai Sua Hup Line 1B

Hanjin Shipping Co. 1A,16B

Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG 12B

Hyundai 3A

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. 16B


Instituto Bancario San Paolo

di Torino 4A

Interflug 9A

Interlogistica 12B

International Delaware Corp. 4A

N.V. Interpolis 9A

Italia di Navigazione SpA 12B

Jardine Davies Transport

Services Inc. 10A

JJH Inc. 12B

Jolt Co. 3A

Jones Truck Lines Inc. 10A

Kerr-McGee Corp. 15B

Kerr-McGee Refining Corp. 15B

Korea Shipbuilding &

Engineering Corp. 1A

Kuwait Petroleum Corp. 15B

Lac Minerals Ltd. 9B

Lloyd Triestino di Navigazione SpA 12B

Louisville Insurance Co. Ltd. 9A

Ludgate Insurance Co. Ltd. 9A

Lufthansa 9A

Luksic Group 9B


Maersk Line 16B

Mar del Plata 7B

Marsh & McLennan Cos. 1A

Miller-Valentine Group 10A

Minera la Disputada de

Las Condes SA 9B

Mineria la Escondida 9B

Minsal Ltd. 9B

Mitorient Enterprise Pte. Ltd. 1B

Mitsubishi International Corp. 9B

Mitsui & Co. 1B

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 1B

Mitsui (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 1B

Mutual Reinsurance Co. Ltd. 9A

National Iranian Oil Co. 15B

Nedlloyd Lines BV 16B

Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. 1B,12B

New Jersey Transit 2B

Nordstern 9A

North American Van Lines Inc. 2B

Northern Air Freight Inc. 10A

Northwest Airlines 13B

Nova Corp. 4A

Oceandrill Inc. 12B

Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. 12B

Owens Investments 9B

Oxiquim SA 9B

P&O Containers Ltd. 16B

Pacific Western Extruded

Plastics Co. 7A

Pan American World Airways 13B

Pepsico Inc. 4A

Pertamina 14B

Port of Acapulco 8B

Port of Altamira 8B

Port of Antwerp 5A

Port of Bordeaux 5A

Port of Cabo San Lucas 8B

Port of Caldera 9B

Port of Cancun 8B

Port of Coatzacoalcos 8B

Port of Concepcion 9B

Port of Cozumel 8B

Port of Chacabuco 9B

Port of Dunkirk 5A

Port of El Sauzal 8B

Port of Ensenada 8B

Port of Fortaleza 1B

Port of Guaymas 8B

Port of Imbituba 7B

Port of Itajai 1B

Port of Kitimat 12B

Port of La Paz 8B

Port of La Spezia 12B

Port of Lazaro Cardenas 8B

Port of Le Havre 5A

Port of Lirquen 9B

Port of Long Beach 8B

Port of Maceio 1B

Port of Manzanillo 8B

Port of Marseille 5A

Port of Mazatlan 8B

Port of Nantes-Saint Nazaire 5A

Port of Necochea 7B

Port of Paranagua 1B

Port of Pichilingue 8B

Port of Pointe-a-Pitre/Jarry 6B

Port of Point Lisas 6B

Port of Porto Alegre 1B

Port of Progreso 8B

Port of Puerto Vallarta 8B

Port of Rio de Janeiro 1B,7B

Port of Rosario 7B

Port of Rotterdam 5A

Port of Rouen 5A

Port of Salina Cruz 8B

Port of San Antonio 9B

Port of San Carlos 8B

Port of San Martin 7B

Port of Santos 1B,5B,7B

Port of San Vicente 9B

Port of Spain 6B

Port of Tampico 8B

Port of Tocopilla 9B

Port of Topolobampo 8B

Port of Tuxpan 8B

Port of Veracruz 8B

Port of Vieux Fort 6B

Prioglio Tomasso 12B

Public Service Co. of Colorado 15B

Puertos Mexicanos 8B


R&V Insurance Group 9A

Rabobank Nederland 9A

Republic Hogg Robinson Inc. 9A

Republic Hogg Robinson

of Bermuda Ltd. 9A

Rulin Rigs Inc. 12B

Samsung 3A

San Paolo Finance SpA 4A

Seabourne Express 13B

Sedgwick Group PLC 1A

Senator Linie GmbH 1A,16B

Senator Linie (USA) Inc. 16B

Shell Oil Co. 7B

Sienna Ltd. 9A

Sintex SA 9B

Societdad Quimica y Minera

de Chile SA 9B

South African Airways 13B

South African Transport Services 13B

St. Lucia Air and Sea

Ports Authority 6B

StatesWest Airlines Inc. 13B

Tanknology Corp. International 15B

Temasek Holdings Ltd. 1B

Temple, Barker & Sloane Inc. 16B

Terranova SA 9B

T.N.C. Agencies Canada Ltd. 12B

Toyota Motor Co. 3A

Transmarine Navigation Corp. 12B

Transroll Navegacao 7B

Trilith-Trilithon Pte. Ltd. 1B


Ueshima Coffee Co. 3A

Ultramas Agencias Maritimas Ltda 9B

Ultrasystems Engineers and

Constructors Inc. 15B

Union Carbide Corp. 2B

United Airlines 13B

United Parcel Service Inc. 2B,13B

USAir 13B

U.S. West Inc. 8A

Virginia Surety Co. Inc. 9A

Volkswagen AG 3A

Walbrook Insurance Co. 9A

H.S. Weavers Agencies Ltd. 9A

Willis Corroon PLC 1A

Willis Faber PLC 1A


Feuerversicherung 9A

Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales 7B

Yokkaichi Warehouse Co. 10A