This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- Aerco International Inc. 19T

Aetna 8A

Airborne Express 3T

Air Canada 9T,15T

Air Express International 3T,38T

Air Jamaica 16T

Alexander & Alexander

of New York Inc. 9A

Algoma Central Railway 1B

Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. 6B

Amax Coal Sales Co. 7B

America West Airlines 5B

American Airlines 5B,4T,31T,38T

American Express Co. 4T

American Stevedoring 4B

American Transport Lines Inc. 4B

AMR Corp. 38T

ANZ Banking Group Ltd. 9A

Ashland Coal Inc. 7B

Atlantic Container Line 8B

Atlantik Express Line 8B

Automobilewerke Eisenach 3A

Aviation Insurance Services Inc. 9A

Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. 4T

Barclays Bank PLC 3A

BCL U.S.-Med. Line Ltd. 4B

BCSL U.S.-Med. Line Ltd. 4B

Bermuda Container Line 4B

Bethlehem Steel Corp. 10A

Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. 19T

Black Hills Power & Light Co. 7B

Boliden Bergsoe 7A

BP Coal USA Inc. 7B

British Airways 5B,15T

British Continental Shipping Line 4B

Burlington Air Express Inc. 16T

Campbell Foods PLC 3A

Campbell Irish Foods Ltd. 3A

Campbell Seafoods Division 3A

Campbell Soup Co. 3A

Canada Post Corp. 9T

Canada Steamship Lines 1B

Cargill Inc. 1A

Cast (1983) Inc. 1B

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. 3T

Changi International Airport 5B

Changi International Airport

Services Pte. Ltd. 5B

Chemetics International Co. 7A

Chrysler Corp. 1A

Chubb & Son Inc. 9A

Chubb Group of Insurance Cos. 9A

Cigna Insurance Corp. 14T

Coastal Corp. 7B

Conaven 4B

Consolidated Rail Corp. 10A,2B

Continental Airlines 15T

CP Trucks 9T

Crowley Caribbean Transport 4B

Crowley Trailer Marine Transport 4B


Danzas Corp. 10A

Dateline Forwarding Services Inc. 15T

DHL Hungary Ltd. 20T

DHL International Express Ltd. 9T

DHL Poland Ltd. 20T

DHL Worldwide Express 20T

Dow Chemical Co. 1A

Dow Europe SA 1A

Du Pont Co. 1A

Dynamic Air Freight Services 22T

Dynamic Ocean Services

International Inc. 22T


Econotech 7A

El Al Israeli Airlines 11T

El Paso Electric Co. 7B

Emery Worldwide 31T

Enerchem Group 1B

Equitable Insurance Cos. 9A

Equitable Investment Corp. 9A

Equitable Life Assurance Society

of America 9A

Evergreen International Airlines 31T

Federal Express 5B,9T,16T,20T,31T

Federal Express Canada Ltd. 9T

Fednav Ltd. 1B

First Boston Corp. 11T

Flota Mercante Grancolombiana SA 8B

Ford Aerospace Corp. 5B

Ford Motor Co. 1A

Frank B. Hall & Co. 9A

Franklin Coal 7B

Freshbake Foods Group PLC 3A

Fritz Air Freight 38T

A.J. Fritz Co. 38T

Future Case Design

and Manufacturing 4T

GE Aircraft Engines 5B

General Motors Corp. 1A,3A

General Public Utilities Corp. 7B

Genwal Coal Co. 7B

Georgia Ports Authority 8B

Global Development Corp. 7A

Global Terminal & Container Services 4B

GNP Commodities Inc. 6A

Goldblatt Tool Co. 19T

GPA Group PLC 9A

GPU Service Corp. 7B

Grand Trunk Railroad Corp. 10A

Groupe Scor SA 9A

Haeco 3T

Hale Container Line 1B

Hanlin Group Inc. 7A

Harleysville 8A

Harris Bank & Trust Co. 3A

Harris Corp. 1A

Hellman International (USA) 8T

Home Life Insurance Co. 9A

Hongkong Aircraft Engineering Co. 3T

Hoover Co. 19T

Houston Intercontinental Airport 16T

Hunt Ltd. 38T


Ingosstrakh 9A

Inland Steel Co. 10A

InterJet Systems Inc. 3T,38T

Itel Corp. 2B

Itel Rail Corp. 2B

Japan Airlines 5B

Kaiser Steel Corp. 5B

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. 1B,8B

Kemper Corp. 9A

Kemper National Insurance Cos. 9A

Kennedy International

Airport 14T,15T,16T

Kimball International Inc. 4T

King Interests 16T

King Ocean Lines 4B

Kirk Line Ltd. 8B

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 15T,38T

Koito Manufacturing Co. 3A

Korean Air 8T

KTI Energy and Resource

Services Inc. 4B

Kuhne & Nagel 1A

La Guardia Airport 14T

D. Lazzaroni & C. SpA 3A

LCP Chemicals Inc. 7A

Lloyd's of London 9A

Loomis Courier Services Ltd. 9T

LTV Steel Co. 10A

Lufthansa German Airlines 15T,16T


Maersk Korea Ltd. 4B

Maersk Line 4B

Malaysian Airline Systems 5B

Mallow Foods Ltd. 3A

Maragua Line 4B

Maytag Co. 19T

McDonnell Douglas Corp. 5B

McKechnie PLC 7A

Mexicana Airlines 16T

Miami International Airport 10A

Mine Reclamation Corp. 5B

Minebea Co. Ltd. 26T

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 8B

Monsanto Co. 1A

Morrison Knudsen Corp. 7B

Motorola Inc. 1A

Mountain Air 31T

National Mutual Life Association

of Australasia Ltd. 9A

National Mutual Royal Bank Ltd. 9A

Navieras de Puerto Rico 8B

Navix Line 8B

Neptune Orient Lines 1B

Netumar Line 1B

Newark International Airport 14T,15T

New Orleans International Airport 7T

New Tokyo International Airport 26T

Nichlson, Chamberlain & Colls

Aviation Ltd. 9A

Nippon Yusen Kaisha 8B

NMB Hi-Tech Bearings Ltd. 26T

Nobel Insurance Ltd. 9A

Northern Consolidators Inc. 10A

Northern States Power Co. 7B

Northwest Airlines Inc. 31T

Norton Lilly International Inc. 8B

O'Hare International Airport 31T

Old Ben Coal 7B

Orient Overseas Container Line 1B

Panalpina Inc. 10A

Peat, Marwick & Main 9A

Pension Planning Co. 9A

Petroleos Mexicanos 7A

Petronas 6B

Philadelphia International Airport 16T

Port Authority of New York

& New Jersey 4B,15T

Port of Baltimore 1B

Port of Hampton Roads 1B

Port of Long Beach 4A

Port of Los Angeles 4A,14T

Port of New Orleans 4B

Port of Philadelphia 4A

Port of Port Elizabeth 15T

Port of Providence 1B

Port of Wilmington 4A

Porter International Inc. 8T

Portland International Airport 16T

Prudential Insurance Co. 9A

Puerto Rico Marine Management Inc. 8B

Puerto Rico Maritime

Shipping Authority 4B

Purolator Courier Ltd. 9T


Railinc Corp. 5B

Raytheon Co. 22T

Reinecke & Associates 3T,38T

Rhone-Poulenc 4A

RiboGene Inc. 7A

Right-O-Way 15T

Royal Bank of Canada 9A

Safeco 8A

Savage Industries Inc. 7B

Scandinavian Airlines System 15T

Schenkers International

Forwarders Inc. 3T

Scor Pacific 9A

Scor Re (Asia) Ltd. 9A

Scor Reassurance Far East Pte Ltd. 9A

Sea-Land Service Inc. 4B

Sea-Terminals Inc. 4B

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 16T

Seaway Shipping Lines 8B

Shearson Lehman Hutton Inc. 11T

Showa Line 8B

Sierra Ventures 7A

Singapore Airlines 5B,3T

Singapore Airport Terminal Services 5B

Slay Transportation Co. 2B

Southern Air Transport 31T

Southern Pacific Transportation Co. 5B

Southern Steam Inc. 8B

Southern Steamship Agency 8B

Soyuzchimexport 1A

Steinway & Sons 4T

Swire Pacific Ltd. 3T

Swissair 5B

TAP Air Portugal 15T

3M Corp. 3A

TNT Aeroflot 20T

TNT Express Europe 20T

TNT Malev Express 20T

TNT Skypak 22T

TNT YAT Express 20T

Travelers Corp. 9A

Trelleborg Group 7A



Union Carbide Corp. 1A

Unions des Assurances de Paris 9A

United Airlines 5B,15T,31T

United Parcel Service


United Parcel Service Canada Ltd. 9T

United Trading Co. 4A

Unum Corp. 9A

USA Cargo & Travel Services Co. 8B

USAir Inc. 22T

USX Corp. 10A

UTA French Airlines 15T

Vendome Ltd. 7T

Cia. Venezolana de Navegacion 4B

Vie de France 7T

Virgin Atlantic 15T

Virginia Inland Port 1B

Virginia International Terminals Inc. 1B

Virginia Port Authority 1B

Waterman Steamship Corp. 4B

Wearever-ProctorSilex Inc. 19T

Western Waste Industries 5B

Westmoreland Coal Co. 7B

Westmoreland Resources Inc. 7B

Whirlpool Corp. 19T

Wyoming-California Pipeline Co. 7B

Yamaha Piano Co. 4T

Zantop International Airlines Inc. 31T

Zeigler Coal Holding Co. 7B

Zenith Electronics Corp. 14T