This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- Aetna Life & Casualty 9A

Airborne Express 2B

Air Canada 2B

Air Toronto 2B

Allstate Insurance Co. 9A

American Commercial Barge Line 1A

American Insurance Services

Group Inc. 9A

American President Cos. 2B

American President Distribution

Services 2B

American President Lines Ltd. 3B

American Telephone &

Telegraph Co. 1A

Armellini Express Lines Inc. 1A

Arthur D. Little Inc. 2B

Asarco Inc. 6A

Associated Container Transportation

(Australia) 3B

Atchison, Topeka and Santa

Fe Railway 2B

Banco Nazionale Lavoro 3A

Bechtel Inc. 1A

J.R. Bisho Co. 5A

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

of New Jersey 9A

Blue Star Line 1B,3B

BN America 2B

A.M. Brown Fuel Co. 7B

Burlington Northern Railroad 2B

Cadbury-Schweppes 6A

Canadian Airlines International 2B

Chemical Bank 7B

Chicago and North Western

Transportation Co. 2B

Colgate-Palmolive Co. 5A

Columbus McKinnon Corp. 5A

Comtrans 2B

Consolidated Rail Corp. 2B

Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring 1A

CSX Corp. 1A

Cunard Ellerman 3B

Cunard Steam-Ship Co. 3B

Daiwa Bank Trust Co. 3A

DHL Airways Inc. 1A

DHL International Ltd. 1A

DHL World Airways 1A

DHL Worldwide Express 2B

Diamond Collection Inc. 5A

Digital Equipment Corp. 1A


EAC Transport Pacific Center Ltd. 1B

Evergreen Marine Line 1B

Fedcom 3B

Federal Express Corp. 1A

Fednav Ltd. 3B

Flying Tiger Line Inc. 1A

NV Fokker 2B

General Electric Co. 2B

General Electric Information

Services Co. 2B

General Motors Corp. 2B

Global Petroleum Corp. 7B

Gould Inc. 1A

Greiner Engineering Inc. 1A

Hamburg-Sud 3B

John Hancock Mutual Life

Insurance Co. 9A

Hapag-Lloyd AG 1B

Hapag-Lloyd (America) Inc. 1B

Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum Inc. 1A

Hewlett-Packard Co. 1A

Hongkong International

Terminals Ltd. 3B

J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. 5B


Interlego 4A

International Business

Machines Corp. 1A

International Lease Finance Corp. 2B

Isramco Inc. 6B

Isramco Israel Inc. 6B

Jackson Kearney Group 1A

James River Corp. 2B

Japan Airlines 1A

Johnson Lines 1B

Johnson ScanStar 1B

Kennedy International Airport 1A

Kirk 4A

Kuhne & Nagel (AG & Co.) 2B

Lego 4A

Lego Systems Inc. 4A

Lehnkering Montan Transport 3B

Lesme and Co. 6A

Lincoln Airlines 2B

Lufthansa German Airlines 1A

Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 3B


E.D. and F. Man 6A

Matrix Churchill 3A

Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd. 1A

McAllister Bros. Inc. 1B

Mettallgesellschaft AG 3B

MIPS Computer 1A

Modern Terminals Ltd. 3B

Montan Shipping GmbH 3B

Nationair Canada 2B

Nedlloyd Lines BV 1A

Nedlloyd Lines U.S.A. Corp. 1A

Ng Chun Man & Associates 1A

Nintendo of America Inc. 4A

Nippon Management Group 9A

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone 4A

Nissho Iwai Corp. 1A

North American Van Lines 2B

NTT Data Communications

Systems Corp. 4A

Odyssey International 2B

Overseas Freezer Operations 3B

Pan Am Corp. 2B

Port Authority of New York

and New Jersey 3A,2B

Port of Hong Kong 3B

Port of Houston 1A

Port of Houston Authority 1B

Port of Kwai Chung 3B

Port of Mobile 1A

Port of New Orleans 1A,3B

Port of Seattle 8B

Port of Tacoma 8B

J. Roger Preston & Partners 1A

Prudential-Bache Securities Inc. 6A

Purolator Canada Ltd. 2B


Raytheon Marine Sales &

Service Co. 3B

Royal Nedlloyd Group NV 1A

Ryan-Walsh Inc. 1A

Schenkers International

Forwarders Inc. 1A

Sea-Land Service Inc. 5B

Sega Enterprises Ltd. 4A

Sega of America Inc. 4A

Sierra Research Inc. 7B

Soundair Corp. 2B

Soundair Express 2B

Southern Pacific

Transportation Co. 2B

Southern Peru Copper Corp. 6A

Southwest Airlines 2B

Spectrum Communications and

Electronics Corp. 3A

Star Reefers 3B

State Farm Mutual Automobile

Insurance Co. 9A

Stockton-Brown International 5A

Tampa Air Lines 1A

Tandem Corp. 1A

Temple, Barker & Sloane 8B

Trafalgar House PLC 3B

Transoceanic Terminal Operators 1A

Travelers Cos. 9A


Union Pacific Railroad 2B

United Parcel Service Inc. 1A

Urag Unterweser Reederei GmbH 3B

U.S. Bank of Oregon 9A

Vestey Group 3B

Victoria Transportation 7B

Volkswagen AG 4A

Westinghouse Electric Corp. 5A

Westinghouse Electric (China) 4A

Xport 3A

XYZ Options 3A