This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- Ag Resource Co. 7A

Airborne Freight Corp. 5B

Air France 5B

Alexander & Alexander 9A

American Telephone &

Telegraph Co. 1A

Argyle Diamond Mine Co. 4A

J. Aron & Co. 1A

Arthur D. Little & Co. 7B

AT&T International 1A

Axa Midi 9A

Baker Hughes Inc. 7B

Bangkok Bank Ltd. 4A

Bank Mees & Hope NV 3B

B.A.T. Industries PLC 9A

Belgian Shipping NV 3B

Bermuda International Shipping Ltd. 3B

Boeing Co. 2B,5B

Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Inc. 9A

Burson-Marsteller 5A

California Union Insurance Co. 9A

Caltex Oil (Thailand Ltd.) 7A

Cathay Pacific 5B

Chevron Corp. 7A

Choyang Shipping Co. 1A

Chrysler Corp. 10A

Chubb Corp. 9A

Citibank NA 1A

Clipper Express 10A

Coastal Corp. 5A

Coca-Cola Co. 5A

Coca-Cola GmbH 5A

Coleman Co. 10A

Columbia Grain Co. 2B

Compagnie Morbihannaise &

Nantaise de Navigation 3B

Compagnie Nationale de Navigation 3B

ConAgra 7A

Consolidated Freightways Inc. 10A

Continental Grain Co. 1A

Crystal Knitters Ltd. 2A

Cummins Engine Co. 2B

Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. 9A

Dayton Hudson Corp. 9A

Dean Witter Reynolds 7A

Dooyang Line Co. 1A

Dow Chemical Co. 7A

Duke Power Co. 7B


Eastern Airlines 5B

Emerald Industrial Leasing Corp. 2B

Envases de Plastico SA de CV 4A

Esso Standard Thailand Ltd. 7A

Europe Combined Terminals BV 1A

European International

Reinsurance Co. 9A

Eurotunnel 2B

Exmar NV 3B

Exxon Chemical (Thailand) Co. 7A

Exxon Corp. 7A,8A

Factory Mutual Engineering

and Research 9A

Factory Mutual Research Corp. 9A

Farmers Insurance Group Inc. 9A

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. 2B,5B

Gay & Taylor Inc. 9A

Geest North Sea Line BV 1A

Genesee and Wyoming

Industries Inc. 9A

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. 4A

Growth Financial Corp. 1A

H&M International

Transportation Inc. 10A

H&M Warehousing of

Atlanta Inc. 10A

Hanjin Shipping Co. 1A

Henkel Corp. 7A

Honda Motor Co. 4A

Hoylake Investments Ltd. 9A

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. 1A


Interpost Systems 5B

J&N Cruise Pte. Ltd. 1A

Japan Airlines 1A,5B

JJH Inc. 3B

Johnson & Johnson Hospital

Services Inc. 10A

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. 2B,5B

Kennedy International Airport 5B

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 5B

Laws Fashions Knitters Ltd. 2A

Leaseway Transportation Corp. 10A

Lexington Insurance Co. 9A

Lloyd's of London 9A

Logistics Partners Co. 10A

Lomac Inc. 7A

Los Angeles International Airport 5B

Lufthansa German Airlines 5B


Marshall Field's 9A

Massachusetts Port Authority 3B

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. 4A

Maxitron & Co. 1A

McAndrews and Forbes

Holdings Inc. 10A

McGladrey & Pullen 5A

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. 2B,5B

Mobil Oil Co. 4A

Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. 1A,8B

Nippon Liner System Ltd. 1A

Nissan Motor Co. 4A

NLS (USA) Inc. 1A

AB Nobel Plast 7A

Nobel Industries AB 7A

Norsk Hydro 7B

Office Furniture Liquidators 3B

Olympia Holding Corp. 1A

Oppenheimer & Co. 5B

Peninsular and Oriental Steam

Navigation Co. 8A

J.C. Penney Co. 10A

Pfizer Inc. 10A

P-I-E Nationwide Inc. 1A

PLM International Inc. 2B

Port of Antwerp 1A

Port of Masawa 8B

Port of Rotterdam 1A

Port of Singapore 1A

PPG Industries Inc. 7A

Prudential Bache Securities 7A

Public Advocates 9A


Rhinecontainer BV 1A

RJR Nabisco Inc. 9A

Rolling Stone Co. 4A

Royal Dutch/Shell Group 7A,6B

Royale Group Ltd. 1A

Saks Fifth Avenue 9A

Sammi Eaton Axles Ltd. 1A

Samsung Shipbuilding &

Heavy Industries Co. 1B

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 5B

Seibels Bruce Group Inc. 9A

Shearson Lehman Hutton 7A

Shell Co. (Thailand) Ltd. 7A

Singapore Airlines Ltd. 1A

South Carolina Insurance Co. 9A

Soyuzgazexport 7B

St. Lawrence Seaway Authority 1B

Statoil 7B

Stone Management Corp. 10A

SunarHauserman Ltd. 3B

Swiss Reinsurance Co. 9A

Texaco Inc. 7A

Texas Air Corp. 5B

TNT Contract Logistics Inc. 10A

TNT Mailfast 5B

TNT North America Inc. 10A

Toyota Motor Co. 4A

TPI International Airways Inc. 5B

TransBox BV 1A

Transcon Lines Inc. 1A

Tricom Shipping Agencies Inc. 8B

Trident Infotech (USA) Inc. 8B


United Airlines 5B

Verband der Sachversicherer 9A

Virgin Atlantic Airways 5B

Voigt Transport Group 3B

Vulkan Kocks GmbH 1B

Westinghouse Electric Co. 7B

Wings International 5B

Yellow Freight System Inc. 10A