This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- Airborne Express 5B

Airborne Freight Corp. 5B

Air Midwest Inc. 5B

Aluminum Co. of America 2B

America West Airlines 5B

American Capital and

Research Corp. 5A

Amersham Corp. 10A

Amoco Corp. 7B

Anchorage International Airport 5B

Anglo American Insurance Co. 9A

Atchison, Topeka and Santa

Fe Railway 2B

Baker Marine Energy Pte. Ltd. 6B

Barnard and Thomas Consulting

Engineers 3B

Blue Cross-Blue Shield

of New Jersey 9A

Boeing Co. 3A

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group 5B

Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc. 8B

British Petroleum PLC 6B

Burlington Air Express 10A

Burlington Northern Railroad 2B

California Shipping Line Inc. 1A

Cargill Investors Services Inc. 6A

W.G. Carroll 10A

Caterpillar Inc. 1A

CFM International 5B

Chevron Corp. 7B

Chevron Oil Corp. 3B

Chilean Lines 3B

China National Offshore Oil Corp. 6B

Christian Dior 4A

Cigna Corp. 9A

Citgo Petroleum Corp. 6B

Citibank 6A

Citroen Cars Co. 4A

Coastal Bridge Co. 3B

Consolidated Freightways Inc. 2B,5B

Consolidated Rail Corp. 1B

Continental Grain Co. 10A

Covenant Transportation Co. 10A

Credit Lynonnais Securities (Japan) 3A

CSX Corp. 2B

CSX Transportation 2B

Cumberland Farms Inc. 7B

Cummins Engine Co. 1A

Dallas/Forth Worth International

Airport 5B

Delaware Port Authority 8B

Delta Air Lines 5B

DHL International 5A

DHL International de

Mexico SA de CV 5A

Dresser Industries 1A

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 1A

Dun & Bradstreet 1A


Elders Futures Inc. 6A

Elders Grain Inc. 10A

Emery Air Freight 2B

Emery Worldwide 10A,5B

Empresa de Desenvolvimento

Mineiro 5A

Ertl Co. 1A

Evergreen Marine Corp. 1A

Exxon Corp. 7B

Federal Express Corp. 5B

Fiat SpA 1A

Fisher-Price Toys Inc. 1A

Ford Motor Co. 5A

Ford Motor Co. SA de CV 5A

A. Foster Higgins & Co. 9A

Fuji Heavy Industries 3A

Geldermann Inc. 6A

General Electric Co. 2B,5B

General Pacific Industries Inc. 5A

Global International Transport 1A

Grand Trunk Western Railroad 2B

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. 8B

Greater Baton Rouge

Port Commission 3B

Greenbriar/Gunderson Inc. 2B

Griffin Trading 6A

Groupe Bull 4A

Gulf Oil Corp. 7B

Hapag-Lloyd AG 8B

Hapag-Lloyd (America) Inc. 8B

Harper Group Inc. 5B

Hasbro Inc. 1A

Hermes 4A

Heublein Inc. 4A

Hewitt Associates 9A

Hitachi Ltd. 2A

Hong Kong Toy Center Holding Inc. 1A


ICF Kaiser Engineers 5A

International Business

Machines Corp. 3A,5B

Itel Distribution Systems 10A

ITT Sheraton Corp. 5A

Ivaran Lines 3B

Jean-Louis Scherrer 4A

John Head & Partners LP 9A

Johnson & Higgins 9A

Kawasaki Heavy Industries 3A

Kloster Cruise Ltd. 3B

Komatsu Ltd. 1A

Lester B. Pearson

International Airport 5B

Linjeflyg 5B

Lisnave 3B

Livingston Group Inc. 5B

Livingston International Freight Ltd. 5B

London United Investments PLC 9A

Los Angeles International Airport 5B

J.R. LymBurner & Sons Inc. 5B


Maher Terminals 1B

Manson Construction &

Engineering Co. 8B

Massachusetts Port Authority 8B

Matsushita's Housing Products Co. 2A

McCrory Stores Inc. 1A

McGraw-Hill Inc. 10A

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 9A

Mi-Jack Products Inc. 2B

Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. 7B

Middle South Utilities Inc. 7B

Midstream Fuel Services Inc. 3B

Midway Airlines 5B

Midway Airport 5B

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 3A

Mobil Oil Corp. 7B

Moody's Investors Service 2B

National Steel Corp. 7B

National Wine and Spirits 4A

NDI Corp. 10A

Nedlloyd Lines (U.S.A.) Corp. 8B

Newark International Airport 10A

Nippon Life 4A

Norfolk Southern Corp. 2B

Norwegian Cruise Lines 3B

Nova Transportation Co. 10A

Onex Corp. 5B

Pan American World Airways 5B

Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co. 7B

Parker Automotive Corp. 5A

Patriot Trucking Co. 10A

Pensacola Regional Airport 5B

Perot Group 2B

Petroleos de Venezuela SA 6B

Petroleum Energy Products Co. 3B

Peugeot Motors of America 4A

Peugeot SA 4A

Philadelphia International Airport 5B

Port Authority of New York

& New Jersey 1B

Port Everglades Authority 8B

Port of Charleston 8B

Port of Grays Harbor 8B

Port of New York and New Jersey 1B

Port of Port Everglades 8B

Port of Port Newark 10A

Port of Savannah 8B

Port of Tampa 6B

Portuguese State Minerals Co. 5A

Prudential Insurance Co. 1A,9A

Prudential Insurance Co.

of America 9A

Prudential Investment Corp. 9A

Purolator Courier Ltd. 5B


Radix Group International Inc. 10A

Rail Bridge Terminals Corp. 1B

Rhone-Poulenc Ag Co. 7A

Rhone-Poulenc SA 7A

RoadRailer 2B

Roadway Bodegas Y Consolidacion

SA de CV 1A

Roadway Express Inc. 1A

Ropers, Majeski, Kohn, Benetley,

Wagner & Kane 9A

RTZ Corp. 5A

San Francisco International Airport 5B

F.A.O. Schwarz 1A,4A

Seibu-Saison 4A

Setenave 3B

Shearson Lehman Hutton 6A

Sheffield Forgemasters 5A

Shell Oil Co. 7B

Snecma 5B

Sociedad Mineira de Neves-Corvo 5A

Sony Corp. 2A

Southwest Airlines Co. 5B

Southwest Florida Regional Airport 5B

Space Research Projects 5A

Stone Management Corp. 10A

Suez Canal Authority 3B

Sumitomo 4A

Summa Engineering

Construction Co. 5A

Summit Information Systems Inc. 2B

Sun Co. 9A

Superior Transportation System 2B

Temple, Barker & Sloane Inc. 1B

Tenn-Tom Towing Co. 3B

Texaco Inc. 7B

Thrall Car Manufacturing 2B

Tonka Corp. 1A

Tower Group 10A

C.J. Tower Inc. 10A

Toys 'R' Us Inc. 2B

Trailer Train Co. 2B

Trinity Industries 2B


Union Pacific Railroad 2B

United Airlines 5B

United Parcel Service 5B

USAir 5B

S.G. Warburg Securities 3A

Warrington International 5B

H.S. Weavers (Underwriting)

Agencies Ltd. 9A

Worldlink Logistics Inc. 10A

Xerox Corp. 2B

Yagi Tsusho 4A

Yamaichi Securities 3A

Yangming Marine Transport Corp. 1A

Zenith Electronics Corp. 4A