This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- Air Express International 5B

Alexander & Alexander 13A

Allied Lyons PLC 1A

Alyeska Seafoods 1A

American Airlines 5B

American Commercial Barge Lines 2B

Amtrak 2B

Anglo-American Insurance Co. 13A

Apple Computer Inc. 2A

Aquarius Marine Co. 8B

Atlantic Container Line 3B

Atlas Marine Co. 8B

Australia-New Zealand Direct Line 8B

Australian Meat and Livestock Corp. 5A

Australian National Railways 2B

Bankers Trust Co. 3B

Bausch & Lomb 5A

Best Western International 5A

Best Western South Asia 5A

Black Sea Shipping Co. 1B

Blackstone Group 1A

Boeing Co. 5B

BP Tankers Ltd. 13A

British Aerospace PLC 5B

British Airways 12A,5B

Brookville Shipping Inc. 8B

Burns International Harbor 1A

California Stevedore and

Ballast Co. 1B

Canaveral Port Authority 3B

Carnival Air Lines 5B

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. 5B

Chandris Inc. 3B

Chestnut Shipping Co. 8B

China International Trust

& Investment Corp. 5B

Chokhani International Ltd. 3B

Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc. 1A

Compagnie Financiere et

Industrielle SA 1A

Computer Systems Advisers 4A

Consolidated Freightways Corp. 5B

Consolidated Rail Corp. 2B

County NatWest WoodMac 13A

Cray Research Inc. 5A

CSX Corp. 2B

Daimler-Benz AG 5B

Davol Co. 7A

De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. 1A

Delta Airlines 12A

Desert Insurance 13A

Det norske Veritas Classification A/S 13A

Discovery Airways 5B

Dun & Bradstreet Corp. 3A


Eastern Air Lines 5B

El Paso Insurance 13A

Emery Worldwide 5B

Empresa Lineas Maritimas

Argentinas 1B

Far East Shipping Co. 1A

Federal Express 5B

Ford Motor Co. 2B

Fortune Group 1A

Garst Seed Co. 1B

German Sky Express 5B

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. 3A

Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp. 5B

Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd. 5B


International Aero Engines 5B

James Capel 3A

John Head & Partners LP 13A

John Morrell 7A

The Journal of Commerce Inc. 14A

J.P. Industries Inc. 4A


Keppel Corp. 3B

Keystone Shipping Co. 8B

Kingscroft Insurance 13A

Kleinwort Benson 3A

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 5B

Knight-Ridder Inc. 14A

Koito Manufacturing Co. 1A

Liberty Maritime Corp. 8B

Lime Street Insurance 13A

Lloyd's of London 13A

London United Investments 13A

London United Reinsurance

Co. (Bermuda) 13A

Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan Ltd. 1A

LTV Corp. 1A

Lucas Aerospace Power

Equipment Corp. 5B

Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 3B


Margate Shipping Co. 8B

Marsh & McLennan 13A

Maxicube 2B

Mitsubishi Corp. 1A

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. 4A,5A

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 1B

Mobay Corp. 7A

Morgan Stanley 13A

Mutual Reinsurance 13A

Navieras de Puerto Rico 3B

Nedlloyd Lines 1B

Nintendo 4A

Nippon Yusen Kaisha 1B

Norfolk Southern Corp. 2B

Occidental Chemical Co. 7A

Ohio Valley Coal Co. 7B

Orlando International Airport 3B

P&O Containers Ltd. 8B

P&O Containers (TFL) Inc. 8B

Pan Am Corp. 12A

Par Pharmaceutical Inc. 7A

Polly Peck International PLC 1A

Port of Anchorage 1A

Port of Busan 1B

Port of Chicago 1A

Port of Detroit 1A

Port of Duluth 1A

Port of Hong Kong 1B

Port of Kobe 1B

Port of London 3B

Port of London Authority 3B

Port of Oakland 5A

Port of Odessa 1B

Port of Port Canaveral 3B

Port of Port Everglades 3B

Port of Portland 5A,1B

Port of San Diego 5A

Port of San Francisco 1B

Port of Seattle 1B

Port of Tacoma 5A

Port of Thunder Bay 1A

Professional Geophysics Inc. 6B

Puerto Rico Maritime

Shipping Authority 3B

Puerto Rico Ports Authority 3B

Puerto Rico Telephone Co. 3B


Quad Pharmaceutical 7A

Raytheon Co. 5A

Regional Container Line Co. 3B

RHM Outhwaite 13A

Rossignol SA 4A

Sabena Belgium World Airlines 5B

Sabena World Airlines 5B

Sansui Electric Co. 1A

Scottish Lion Insurance Co. 13A

Sea-Land Service Inc. 1B

Servrite International Ltd. 3A

SGS Government Programs Inc. 5A

Shell International Marine Ltd. 13A

Skandia Group of Sweden 13A

Skandia U.K. Insurance PLC 13A

Sony Corp. 1A

Southeastern Maritime Co. 8B

Southern Steam Inc. 8B

St. Lawrence Seaway Authority 1A

Suntory Ltd. 1A

John Swire & Sons Ltd. 5B

Swire Pacific Ltd. 5B

TAMS Consultants Inc. 1A

Thomson International

Transport Press 14A

Tillinghast 13A

TNT Bestway Transportation Inc. 2B

TNT North America Inc. 2B

TNT Reddaway Inc. 2B

Transatlantic Shipping Co. 3B

Trans European Airways 5B

Trans Freight Lines 1B

Trans World Airlines Inc. 12A

Trapac 1B

Turner & Newall PLC 4A


Uday Management Services Pvt. Ltd. 5A

ULS International 1A

United High Technology Inc. 3A

United Technologies Corp. 5B

USAir 5B

USAir Express 5B

Vest Jyske 7A

Visa International 5A

Visible Systems Corp. 4A

Walbrook Insurance Co. 13A

H.S. Weavers (Underwriting)

Agencies Ltd. 13A

World City Corp. 3B

Xerox Corp. 2A

Yamaichi Securities Co. 1A