This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. 7B

ABB Combustion Engineering

Systems 7B

Adam Opel AG 5A

Air Canada 5B

Air Europe 8A

Air Toronto 5B

Alburger Basso de Grosz Insurance

Services Inc. 9A

Alburger de Grosz Inc. 9A

Allied Financial Group 9A

Amerada Hess 6B

American Consolidation

Services 10A,3B

American President Cos. 1A

American President Intermodal 10A

American President Lines 3B

American River Transportation Co. 8B

American Telephone &

Telegraph Co. 4A,5A,7A

Anduril Cargo Insurance

Specialists Inc. 9A

Archer Title Co. 9A

Arthur Andersen & Co. 2B

Asea Brown Boveri Inc. 7B

AT&T Bell Laboratories 4A

Atchison, Topeka & Santa

Fe Railway 1A,10A

Atlantic Container Line 1A,3B,8B

Automobilwerk Eisenach 5A

Banco Rio de la Plata SA 2A

Bangor and Aroostock Railroad 10A

Bear, Stearns & Co. 3A

Beck's 4A

A.M. Best Co. 9A

Bilspedition AB 3B

Biomagnetic Technologies Inc. 4A

Bolt Aviation Inc. 5B

BP Chemicals Inc. 7A

Bradlees 10A

Burlington Northern Intermodal 10A,2B

Burlington Northern Railroad 2B

Cable and Wireless 5A

Cable and Wireless PLC 5A

Canadian Pacific Ltd. 2B

Caribbean Apparel 4A

Carolina Freight Carriers Corp. 1A

Cascavel Farm Cooperative 7A

Central Texas Land Titles Inc. 9A

Charlotte/Douglas International

Airport 5B

Chevron Corp. 7A

Chicago Distribution

Warehouse Corp. 10A

China International Trust &

Investment Corp. 5A

Chrysler Corp. 4A

Cigna Corp. 9A

Commercial Abstract &

Title Co. 9A

Commerzbank 3A

Compagnie Generale Maritime 1A,8B

Compania de Vapores Thaslassa SA 8B

Compania Naviera Panocean SA 8B

Connecticut Bank and Trust Co. 8B

Consolidated Freightways Inc. 1A

Consolidated Rail Corp. 10A,2B

Conterm Consolidation Services

(Charleston) Inc. 3B

Conterm Consolidation Services

(U.S.A.) Inc. 3B

Continental Corp. 8B

Control Data Corp. 4A

Cool Carriers 3B

Coopers & Lybrand 2B

Cornerstone 2B

CP Rail 2B

Cresap-Tillinghast 9A

CSL Intermodal 10A

CSX Transportation 10A

Daiwa Securities Co. 3A

Day & Ross 5B

Delaware & Hudson Railway 2B

Dillard Department Stores Inc. 2B

Dow Chemical Co. 7A

DRI/McGraw-Hill Inc. 2B


Eastern Distribution Inc. 10A

Emons Holding Co. 10A

PT Energy System Indonesia 7B

Enterprise Oil 6B

Evergreen International

(U.S.A.) Corp. 1A

Evergreen Marine Corp. 1A

Ferrocarriles de Mexico 1A

Florida Northern Railroad 10A

Ford Motor Co. 1A

Gaylord Container Corp. 10A

General Casualty Cos. 9A

General Casualty Group 9A

General Electric Co. 2B

General Foods USA 1A

General Motors Corp. 5A,2B

Gorthon Line 3B

W.R. Grace & Co. 7A

Guinness Corp. 4A

Guinness Imports 4A

H&M International

Transportation Inc. 10A

Haggar Apparel Co. 4A

Hanjin Shipping Co. 8B

Hapag-Lloyd AG 1A,3B,8B

Hapag-Lloyd America 1A

Heineken 4A

Henkel Corp. 7A

Hong Kong Telecom 5A

Hub City Boston Terminals Inc. 10A

Hub Group Inc. 10A

J.B. Hunt Transport Service Inc. 10A

Hutchison Telecommunications 5A

Hyundai Motor America 3B



InteCom Inc. 10A

Intel Corp. 1A,5A

Intercargo Corp. 10A

Intermodal Technologies Inc. 2B

International Finance Corp. 2A

International Marine

Carriers Inc. 1A

International Post Corp. 5B

Intraco International Inc. 5A

C. Itoh & Co. 7B

Johnson & Higgins 8B

K&W Trucking Co. 2B

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. 1A

Kennedy International Airport 5B

KnickerBox 8A

Koll Co. 2B

Kompass Intercontinental

Publishing 5A

Kraft General Foods 1A

Laser Magnetic Storage

International Co. 4A

Lawrence Group 9A

Levi Strauss & Co. 4A

Lloyd's of London 8B

Logan International Airport 2B

Lucky Goldstar Group 9A

Lucky Insurance Co. 9A

Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 8B


Maersk Canada Inc. 8B

Maersk Line 1A,8B

Marine Transport Lines 1A

Mario L. Basso & Co. 9A

Marlin Marine Services Inc. 3B

Maryland Port Administration 1A,3B

Matra SA 10A

Maxwell House Coffee Co. 1A

McCain Foods Ltd. 5B

William H. McGee & Co. 9A

McGraw-Hill Inc. 5A

Mediterranean Shipping Co. 1A

Mercedes-Benz 4A

Mercury Personal Communications 5A

Mersey Docks and Harbour Co. 3B

Midland Bank 2A

Miller Transporters Inc. 2B

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 1A

Mobil Chemical Co. 7A

Mobil Corp. 6B

Navistar International

Transportation Corp. 2B

Nedlloyd Lines BV 1A,8B

Newark International Airport 5B

Nikko Securities Co. 3A

Nippon Yusen Kaisha 1A

Noble Drilling Corp. 7B

Nomura Securities Co. 3A

North American Philips Corp. 4A

North Sea Inc. 6B

Nova Plastics 7A

Occidental Petroleum Corp. 6B

Olin Corp. 4A


Organic Delicatessen International 4A

Orient Overseas Container Line 1A,8B

Overnite Transportation Co. 2B

P&O Containers Ltd. 1A,8B

P&O Group 8A

Pacos de Caldas Coffee

Cooperative 7A

Philip Morris Cos. 1A

N.V. Philips 4A

Phoenix Beverage 4A

Pinsly Railroad Co. 10A

Polish Ocean Lines 1A

Port Authority of New York

and New Jersey 1A

Port of Baltimore 1A,1B,3B

Port of Baton Rouge 8B

Port of Beaumont 8B

Port of Hoboken 1A

Port of Jacksonville 1A,1B

Port of Liverpool 3B

Port of Long Beach 1A

Port of Los Angeles 1A

Port of Miami 4A

Port of New Orleans 8B

Port of Port Canaveral 1B

Port of Portland (Ore.) 3B

Port of Tampa 1B

Pratt & Whitney 5B

Providence and Worcester

Railroad 10A


Quantum Chemical Corp. 7A

Rail-Bridge Corp. 1A

Rasch Elektronik 5A

Rattikin Title Co. 9A

Reader's Digest Association Inc. 5A

Really Useful Group 8A

Reliance Group Holdings Inc. 9A

Republic Insurance Group 9A

Rhone-Poulenc SA 7A

Right-O-Way Inc. 5B

Roadway Express Inc. 1A

Robotron Co. 5A

Rodale Press Inc. 5A

Rorer Group Inc. 7A

Royal Dutch/Shell Group 7B

Saatchi & Saatchi 8A

Safeco Land Title 9A

Sea-Land Service Inc. 1A,3B,8B

Sematech 4A

Shell Petroleum Development

Co. of Nigeria 7B

Skyway Freight Systems Inc. 5B

Sock Shop 8A

Sony USA Inc. 4A

South Plains Abstract Co. 9A

Southern Guaranty 9A

Southern Pacific Transportation Co. 1A

St. Lawrence and Atlantic

Railroad 10A

State Electricity Co. 7B

Stolt-Nielsen Inc. 2B

Stop & Shop Cos. 10A

Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. 4A

Temple, Barker & Sloane Inc. 10A

Through Transport Mutual Insurance

Association Ltd. 8B

Through Transport Mutual Services 8B

Tie Rack 8A

TNT Distribution Services Inc. 10A

TNT North America Inc. 10A

Towers Perrin 9A

Toyota Motor Corp. 4A

Toyota Motor Sales 4A

Toys 'R' Us 1A

Transamerica Corp. 9A

Transamerica Insurance Group 9A

Transatlantic Group 3B

Trans Freight Lines 1A

Trident Group SA 8B


UBS Phillips and Drew 7B

Union Carbide Corp. 7A

Union Pacific Corp. 2B

Union Pacific Railroad 10A

Union Pacific Realty Co. 2B

United Community Insurance Co. 9A

United Technologies Corp. 5B

Unocal Corp. 7A

Unocal Polymers 7A

USAir 5B

VEB IFA Kombinat Personen-

kraftwagen 5A

VGP Inc. 5A

Virgin Atlantic Airways 8A

Virgin Group 8A

Volkswagen AG 5A

Wallenius Lines 8B

Wang Laboratories Inc. 10A

Wash Technology 4A

Wharton Econometric Forecasting

Associates 6B

Wheat First Securities Inc. 1A

Willett Freight Services Inc. 10A

Winterthur Insurance Co. 9A

Winterthur Reinsurance Corp.

of America 9A

Winterthur Swiss Insurance Co. 9A

Witco Corp. 7A

Yamaichi Securities Co. 3A

Yellow Freight System Inc. 1A

Zurich Insurance Co. 9A