This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- A&B-Hawaii Inc. 3B

Aeroflot 1A

Airborne Express 5B

Air Express International 1A

Alexander & Baldwin Inc. 3B

Alliance Brokers International Inc. 3B

American Express 5A,10A

American Home Assurance Co. 9A

American President Intermodal 8B

American Software Inc. 2B

Aramex 5B

Argent Group Ltd. 1A

Argents International 3B

Atlantic Container Line 8B

Australia-New Zealand

Direct Line 1B,8B

Baltic Shipping Co. 8B

Bank of Communications 3A

Bank of Taiwan 3A

Banque d'Escompte 7A

Banque de Gestion Privee-Societe

Industrielle de Banque 7A

Banque Nationale de Paris 7A

Bauchmann Industries 4A

Bell Resources 4A

Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd. 3A

Boeing Co. 5B

Bond Corp. 4A

Bougainville Copper Ltd. 9A

BP Plastics Ltd. 7A

British Aerospace 5B

British Petroleum PLC 7A,3B

Brown Murray Foster 1A

BT Shipping Ltd. 3B

J.L. Butler Forwarding 3B

Cabot LNG Corp. 1A

Cadbury Schweppes 7A

Cafes Descafinados de Chiapas 7A

Cafiver 7A

Canada Maritime Agencies Ltd. 2B

Canadian Airlines International Ltd. 5B

Canadian National Railways 2B

Canadian Pacific Ltd. 2B

Cansif Canada Enterprises Inc. 2B

Cargill Investor Services 7A

Cascade General Inc. 3B

Cast North America (Agencies) Ltd. 2B

Central Trust of China 3A

Chang Hwa Commercial Bank 3A

Chesapeake Shipping Inc. 1A

Chubb & Son Inc. 9A

Cigna Insurance Co. 1A

Citibank 5A

City Bank of Taipei 3A

Clean Venture Co. 1A

Coal Services International Ltd. 7B

Codan Stevedoring Corp. 8B

Columbia Gas Distribution Co. 7B

Cominco Resources International 7A

ConAgra Inc. 6A

ConAgra International 6A

Consolidated Rail Corp. 2B

Consolidation Coal Co. 7B

Constellation Line 1B

Constellation Navigation Inc. 1B

Construtora Rio Doce 4A

Continental Insurance 1A,9A

CP Rail 2B

CP Trucks 2B

CRA Ltd. 9A

Cray Research 5A

Credit Lyonnais 7A

Cresap-Tillinghast 9A

Crowley Maritime Corp. 3B

CSL Intermodal 2B

CSX Corp. 2B

Cummins Engine Co. 7B

Delaware & Hudson Railway 2B

Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority 8B

Dianergy 7A

Dow Chemical U.S.A. 2B

Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc. 10A

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 2B

Duff and Phelps 1A


Egyptian General Petroleum Corp. 6B

Eklof Marine Corp. 1A

Energy Transportation Group 1A

Europe Combined Terminals BV 8B

European Expedite 5B

European Express Holdings 5B

Exxon Co. USA 1A

Exxon Corp. 8A

Exxon Shipping Co. 1A

Federal Express 1A

Fednav Ltd. 8B

Filpet Inc. 7A

First Commercial Bank 3A

First Reinsurance Co. of Hartford 9A

General Ocean Freight

Container Line 3B

Glenbrook Nickel Co. 7A

Gleneagle Ship Management Inc. 1A

Glengarry Transport Lines Inc. 2B

GPA Group 5B

GRE Pacific Insurance Pty Ltd. 9A

Hanna Co. 7A

Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd. 3A

Hwa Man Commercial Bank 3A


Idemitsu Petrochemical Ltd. 7A

Imperial Chemical Industries PLC 7A

International Business

Machines Corp. 2B

Island Creek Corp. 7B

Jardine Davies Inc. 7A

Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd. 7A

Kader Industrial Co. 4A

Kajima Construction Corp. 5A

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. 3B

Kenya National Shipping Line 8B

Kingsley Group Inc. 2B

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 5B

Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. 1A

Levant Line SA 1B

Lipper Analytical Services 10A

Lloyd's of London 9A

Lockheed Shipbuilding Corp. 8B

LTV Corp. 9A

LTV Steel Co. 9A

Lufthansa German Airlines 5B


Manchester Trade Inc. 4A

Marave & Associates 3B

Markel Service Inc. 9A

Maron Shipping Agency 5A

A.T. Massey Coal Co. 7B

Matson Navigation Co. 3B

Maui Lani Partners 3B

Metals and Minerals Insurance

Pty. Ltd. 9A

Midway Airlines 5B

Misawa Homes 4A

Napelli do Brasil 4A

National Marine Inc. 2B

Neste Oy 7A

Nomura Securities Co. 3A

Northwest Marine Iron Works 3B


Olympia & York Developments Ltd. 5A

PacifiCorp 6B

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 7B

Pacific Power & Light 6B

Palm Beach International Airport 5B

Pan American World Airways Inc. 1A

Petronas 7A

Pharos Lines SA 1B

Pittston Coal Group Inc. 7B

Port Authority of New York

& New Jersey 1A

Port of Alexandria 1B

Port of Antwerp 8B

Port of Beirut 1B

Port of Bremerhaven 8B

Port of Charleston 1B

Port of Cherbourg 8B

Port of Constanza 1B

Port of Detroit 8B

Port of Duluth 8B

Port of Durban 3B

Port of Felixstowe 8B

Port of Greater Baton Rouge 1B

Port of Hamburg 8B

Port of Istanbul 1B

Port of Izmir 1B

Port of Lattakia 1B

Port of Limassol 1B

Port of Mersin 1B

Port of Montreal 2B

Port of New York and New Jersey 1A,1B

Port of Oakland 8B

Port of Piraeus 1B

Port of Richards Bay 3B

Port of Richmond 1B

Port of Rotterdam 8B

Port of Salonika 1B

Port of Seattle 8B

Port of Sheerness 8B

Port of Tacoma 8B

Pratt and Whitney 5B


Renault 4A

RHM Outhwaite Underwriting

Agency Ltd. 9A

Rhulen 9A

Roadway Services Inc. 2B

Roberts Express Inc. 2B

Russell Reinsurance Services Inc. 9A

Salomon Brothers 3A

Seattle Port Commission 8B

Seaway Port Authority of Duluth 8B

Senator Linie 1B

Shea and Gould 1A

Shearson Lehman Hutton 5A,10A

Shell International 1A

Societe Generale 7A

Societe Navale Commerciale

Delmas Vieljeux 8B

South African Transport Services 3B

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Transportation Authority 2B

Southern Steam Inc. 1B

Southwest Marine Iron Works 3B

St. Lawrence Seaway

Development Corp. 8B

Taisho Marine and Fire

Insurance Co. 9A

Tams Consultants Inc. 8B

Thai Airways International Ltd. 5B

Tishman Speyer Properties Inc. 5A

TNT Express Europe Co. 1A

Tokio Marine & Fire Co. 1A

Transport Robert Ltd. 2B

Trump Shuttle 5B


Union Carbide Corp. 2B

USAir 5B

Volvo AB 4A

Wah Shing Toys Co. 4A

Wallenius Lines 8B

Western Digital Corp. 5A

Western World Insurance Co. 9A

Westmoreland Coal Co. 7B

Winter Partners Inc. 3A

Xtra Corp. 1A

Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co. 1A