This index alphabetically lists all significant references to companies and other operating organizations such as ports in today's issue of The Journal of Commerce and its special sections. Throughout the paper (except on Page 1A and the editorial page), all such names appear in boldface type to make it easier for readers to find the company reference. The page number reflects the page on which the story begins.

-A-B-C-D- ABF Freight System Inc. 2B

Access Energy Corp. 1A

Aer Lingus 5B

Aeroflot 5B

AHB Chemie 7A

Airborne Express Inc. 5B

Air Rianta 5B

American International Group 9A

American International Underwriters 9A

American President Cos. 3B

American President Lines Ltd. 1B,2B,3B

American Telephone &

Telegraph Co. 8B

ANR Pipeline Co. 1A

Apple Computer Inc. 5A

Apple Computer Japan Inc. 5A

Asco-Falcon II Shipping Co. 1B

Avianca 5B

Bally Manufacturing Corp. 5A

Boston Gas Co. 1A

Brauner International Corp. 4A

Canada Steamship Lines 3B

Canadian Pacific Ltd. 2B

W.G. Carroll & Co. 4A

Casco Signal Ltd. 2B

Castelazo & Associates 4A

Central Transport Inc. 2B

CF Motor Freight 2B

Chiquita Brands International Inc. 4A

Cigna Insurance Co. 9A

Coastal Corp. 6B

Coleman Co. 5A

Commercial Software Services Ltd. 3A

Compania Trasatlantica

Espanola SA 1B

Conduit Internationale Films 5A

Conferencia Latino American

de Empresas Courier 5B

Consolidated Freightways Inc. 2B

Consolidated Natural Gas Co. 6B

Consolidated Rail Corp. 2B

CSL Intermodal 2B

Cuallado SA 5B

Daiwa Securities America Inc. 3A

Delaware & Hudson Railway 2B

Detroit Edison Co. 7B

Detroit Testing Laboratory 5A

DHL Worldwide Express 5B

Dow Chemical Co. 7A

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 7A

Dubai Petroleum 8B

Dublin Airport 5B

Dyno Industrier 7A


Edison Chouest Offshore Inc. 1B

Emery Worldwide 5B

Equipment Importers Inc. 4A

Equity Carriers I Inc. 1B

Equity Carriers III Inc. 1B

Evian Waters of France Inc. 4A

Fairchild Industries Inc. 5A

Falcon Shipping Group 1B

Far East Levingston

Shipbuilding Ltd. 8B

Federal Express Corp. 5B

Fiacao E Tecidos Oliveira,

Ferreira SA 4A

Ford Motor Co. 4A

Freeport Indonesia Inc. 7A

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 7A

Freightliner 2B

General Electric Co. 2A

General Electric Capital Corp. 1A

General Motors Corp. 4A,5A

General Public Utilities Corp. 7B

General Railway Signal 2B

General Signal Corp. 2B

Hampton Roads Examination

Warehouse Inc. 3B

Honda Motor Co. 5A


IBM China/Hong Kong Corp. 3A

Illinois International Port 8B

International Business

Machines Corp. 3A

International Express Carriers

Conference 5B

ITEL Rail Corp. 2B

ITT Antarctic Services Inc. 1B

Jacksonville International Airport 5B

Jet Equipment & Tools Inc. 4A

Kennedy International Airport 4A

Keppel Corp. 8B

Aubrey G. Lanston & Co. 3A

Levi Straus & Co. 2B


MacAndrews and Forbes

Holdings Inc. 5A

Mack Trucks Inc. 2B

A.P. Madrigal Steamship Co. 8B

Magellan Petroleum Corp. 7B

M.G. Maher & Co. 4A

Matson Navigation Co. 1B

Maurice Pincoffs Co. 3B

MH Systems Inc. 1A

Miami International Airport 9A

Midway Airport 8B

Thomas Miller & Co. 8B

Mission Insurance Co. 9A

Mobil Chemical Co. 7A

Mobil Oil Corp. 3B

Moody's Investors Service 2B

Motorola Inc. 5A

National Development Co. 8B

National Shipping Corp.

of the Philippines 8B

Nationwide Insurance Co. 9A

Navistar International Corp. 2B

Navix Line Ltd. 10A

NEC Corp. 5A

Nedlloyd Lijnen BV 1B

Nedlloyd Lines 3B

Nedlloyd Lines (U.S.A.) Corp. 3B

Newman, Wilson & Co. 4A

New World International 5A

Niarchos (London) Ltd. 8B

Nippon Coleman 5A

Nissei Sangyo 2A

O'Hare International Airport 8B

P&O Containers Ltd. 8B

P&O Containers (TFL) Ltd. 1B

Paccar Inc. 2B

P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. 2B

Panhandle Eastern Corp. 1A

Pegaso 5B

J.C. Penney Co. 2B

Phillips Petroleum Co. 7A

PlanEcon Inc. 10A

Port of Antwerp 8B

Port of Cleveland 3B

Port of Felixstowe 8B

Port of Gdansk 3B

Port of Hampton Roads 3B

Port of Le Havre 8B

Port of Leningrad 3B

Port of Riga 3B

Port of Rotterdam 8B

Port of Southampton 8B

Port of Trieste 3B

Prospectus Investment Trade

Partners Inc. 3B

Providence and Worcester Railroad 2B

Prudential Insurance Co. 9A


Quantum Chemical Corp. 7A

Rail to Water Corp. 8B

Rayner Brokerage Ltd. 6A

Saab-Scania AB 4A

Sabine Pipe Line Co. 6B

Samyang Food Co. 5A

Sand Technology Systems Inc. 2A

Sand Technology Systems

International 2A

Sea-Land Service Inc. 1B,2B

Sears, Roebuck & Co. 2B

Sedgwick Group PLC 9A

Sembawang Shipyard Ltd. 8B

Servipetrol Ltd. 7B

Shannon Airport 5B

Sheremetyevo Airport 5A,5B

Sonat 6B

Source Perrier SA 4A

Southeastern Maritime Co. 3B

Southern Pacific Transportation Co. 2B

Star Shipping Inc. 3B

Stylemaker Fabrics Inc. 4A

Suzuki Motor Co. 5A

Taesa 5B

Tanker Advisory Center Inc. 1A

Texaco Inc. 6B

Texas Instruments Inc. 5A

Tianjin-Detroit Testing Laboratory 5A

TNT Skypak 5B

Tobias Christmas Trees 1B

Transco Energy Co. 6B

Trans World Airlines 5B

Tungsram Co. 2A


Underwriters Reinsurance Co. 9A

Union Carbide Corp. 7A

United Brands Co. 4A

United Parcel Service Inc. 5B

USAir 5B

Virginia Natural Gas Inc. 6B

Wainoco Oil Corp. 7B

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 2B

Washington National Airport 5B

XTRA Corp. 1A