Mammoet expands heavy-haul coverage in US Northeast

Mammoet expands heavy-haul coverage in US Northeast

Mammoet transports a piece of electricity generation equipment in Mauritius.

Netherlands-based heavy hauler Mammoet has acquired George Young, a Philadelphia-based specialist in rigging, machinery installation, and heavy hauling, in a bid to expand Mammoet’s presence in the US Northeast.

Until now, Mammoet has worked in the region on a project basis. “"This meant we mobilized Mammoet professionals and equipment from Mammoet Canada for individual projects," said Keith Guiochet, vice president operations of Mammoet Canada.

"Given factors such as the economic strength of this region, the population density, and growth prospects, we have been looking to strengthen our foothold on a permanent basis,” Guiochet said.

The deal with George Young will enable Mammoet to respond more quickly to commercial operations in the region and to scale up its operations to meet demand, he said.

Guiochet said the deal joins together companies with a combined 358 years of experience.

Mammoet, which traces its origins to 1807, is a global heavy hauler working in petrochemical, mining, civil engineering, power generation, and offshore work. It has 5,000 employees operating in more than 90 locations around the world. George Young has operated since 1869, mainly in the US Northeast.

George Young Co. will operate under the name George Young Mammoet.

"Together we can offer comprehensive factory-to-foundation services — allowing us to potentially add precision millwrighting to Mammoet's services in this region and deliver and commission components from every part of the world,” said George Young, CEO of George Young Co.

Young is the fourth generation of his family to head the company. “With no natural successors at hand, my sister Meredith and I have taken a deliberate approach to ensure the continuity and growth of the company,” he said. “This extends our good working relationship with Mammoet by combining both companies’ expertise to expand our market offering.”