The Back Page

The Back Page

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This week''s Back Page looks back at names, lots of names, with best wishes for the holidays and a happy 2004.

-- John Ficker, Tom Pellington and all those shippers.

-- Rep. Don Young, along with his wife, Lu "TEA" Young. Rep. Ed Markey, and all the X-ray screening companies, especially the ones in Massachusetts. Rep. James Oberstar, bien sur. Sen. John McCain and Sen. Trent Lott and Sen. Ted Stevens, why not?

-- Roger Nober, holding the door open for Francis Mulvey and Charles Buttrey.

-- Elaine Dezenski, Asa Hutchinson and Admiral James Loy, who made us forget that guy before him. Of course Tom Ridge but Robert Bonner, too. And Robert Perez.

-- Gov. Graves. Jim Staley, Scott Arves and Tom Nightingale. James P. Hoffa. Robert Davidson and Chris Baltz and Bram Johnson. Leo Suggs and Ira Rosenfeld.

-- Debra Phillips and Dan Sullivan. And, it''s just our opinion, Tom Finkbiner.

-- Susan Alt, Harold Friedman. John Mascaritolo. John Gentle and Al Guinchi.

-- David Carnes, Rob Quartel, Greg Owens. Craig Conway, Vic Verma and the folks at that store out in Arkansas that have that RFID project out.

-- Didi Blackwood and Rob Bauer, sharing a Big Mac.

-- David Goode and Frank Brown. Hunter Harrison, ca va? Ed Hamberger, Richard Timmons, and Carol Steckbeck.

-- No shippers who don''t have names.

-- Our friends at DOT, whichever days they are working - Norman Mineta, Marion Blakey and Jeff Shane. Friends at recess time, Kristin Krause and Kirk Van Tine.

-- Ronnie Yoder, Sandy Litvak, John "BK" Dasburg. Randy Clark, Carl Donaway and Wolfgang Pordzik, of course.

-- Mike Eskew, Ken Sternad and the parcel guy with the aggressive Blackberry.

-- Steve Alterman, Jack Boisen and how about the man of the year in air cargo, the man in the box, Charles McKinley?

-- That guy who took over Atlas Air ... you know, the guy from TWA. Leo Mullin and Don Carty. And still at it, Gordon Bethune and David Siegel. Over in Germany, Andreas Otto.

-- And other friends, too: Alex Bilanow, Jean Murphy, Linda Morgan, Gordon MacDougall. Karen Phillips and Charley Powell.

-- Mike Erickson and Greg Smith.

-- And best of all, the people at that trade association who asked us, "Is the stuff on that page supposed to be funny?"