U.S., Thailand agree on open-skies for cargo

U.S., Thailand agree on open-skies for cargo

Negotiators for the United States and Thailand reached agreement this week on the text of an open-skies agreement for cargo.

The agreement eliminates restrictions on how often carriers can fly, the kind of aircraft they can use and the prices they can charge for their services, according to a statement from United Parcel Service.

UPS predicted that businesses and shippers in both countries would benefit from the pact, since the free movement of products will spur economic activity.

UPS will begin offering six flights a week between Bangkok and its Asia regional hub at the former Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, effective Oct. 25. It currently has just one flight on that route, relying on commercial carriers to handle most of its Bangkok traffic.

The deal will take effect at a date yet to be determined, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Transportation said. The agreement was reached during negotiations in Bangkok Sept. 9-10.

Separately, negotiators for the U.S. and Vietnam are scheduled to hold talks in Hanoi next month aimed at forging a bilateral aviation agreement. That would enable air carriers from the U.S. and Vietnam to operate direct service between the two countries.