UPS Introduces Occasional Package Pickup

UPS Introduces Occasional Package Pickup

As part of its "green" technology initiative to cut vehicle emissions, UPS on Tuesday introduced a new service that will enable small and medium-sized businesses in the United States to schedule occasional package pickups without incurring much higher custom pickup costs.

UPS Smart Pickup, as the service is called, costs $10 a week and allows users to notify UPS when they need a pickup on a certain dates without incurring the $70 one-time cost.

UPS estimated that the new service will enable it to save 790,000 gallons of fuel annually and eliminate 7,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

“We’ve already had more customers sign up than anticipated—by 35 percent,” said Bernie Reeb, UPS’s director of new products. He said the fuel and emission savings would increase as the number of users grows.

The new service is made possible by handheld UPS DIAD devices with a global positioning system that enables UPS to track drivers and packages being delivered and picked up.

UPS is using the devices to optimize its network of pickup and delivery by improving route planning for its 55,000 drivers in the U.S. to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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