UPS bomb threat a hoax

UPS bomb threat a hoax

Law enforcement authorities early Wednesday unloaded a United Parcel Service 757 in Phoenix by hand only to find that two phone threats - one mentioning a bomb - were a hoax.

A suspicious package turned out to contain bottled water, fabric softener and cabbage, and the jet's parcels placed back in circulation for delivery.

The plane made an emergency landing at the airport on Tuesday night following the calls, the Associated Press reported. The plane was taken to a secure area of the airport for inspection.

The plane was en route from Los Angeles to Louisville with two crew members and a third UPS employee aboard, the company said.

The wire service reported that the UPS 24-hour call center received a call late Tuesday saying that there was a dangerous package on board. The caller provided a tracking number that helped officials locate the package and the plane it was on. Another call shortly after provided the same tracking number and said it was a bomb.