Office for safety oversight

Office for safety oversight

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A new government office will provide safety oversight to the Air Traffic Organization, a three-year-old Federal Aviation Administration division aimed at smoothing the flow of airline traffic across the nation''s skies.

The Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service will monitor the safety of changes to air traffic standards and procedures. Part of the ATO''s mission is to make the air traffic control system more flexible and efficient, and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said it is time the office has new and independent oversight.

"This new oversight service will assure that the ATO continues to operate under the highest possible level of safety," Mineta said.

FAA Administrator Marion Blakey called the new office "a second set of eyes."

The FAA''s director for emergency operations and communications Dave Canoles will head the new office. Canoles previously was the manager of the FAA''s Eastern Region Air Traffic Division.