Lufthansa Cargo plans rate increases

Lufthansa Cargo plans rate increases

Lufthansa Cargo announced Monday that it plans to hike global cargo rates by an average of four percent, effective Oct. 1.

The carrier stressed, however, that rates on individual routes will be tied to demand. Rates on high-volume trade lanes with strong demand will go up higher than in regions where traffic levels are comparably weak.

Daniel Cooke, a spokesman at Lufthansa Cargo's U.S. headquarter in Atlanta, said the carrier will set rates on specific routes around Sept. 1 to give customers 30 days' advance notice. Cooke said rates to and from the U.S. are not likely to reach the four percent worldwide average.

Routes that are served only by passenger planes are more likely to get higher rates because they lack the capacity that Lufthansa offers on routes where it operates freighters. The carrier's U.S. freighter gateways include New York (John F. Kennedy International Airport), Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. Lufthansa Airlines offers passenger service to more than a dozen U.S. cities.

Lufthansa also said it will continue to offer customers capacity-purchase agreements tailored to their specific requirements. Such agreements allow forwarders to lock-in capacity at a fixed rate for one year. The capacity deals are available both in one direction and for round-trips.