Lufthansa Cargo to Fly Through Four Day Strike

Lufthansa Cargo to Fly Through Four Day Strike

Lufthansa Cargo said it will maintain more than ninety percent of its freighter operations during a four day pilots' strike next week.

The all-cargo unit of Lufthansa said it will go ahead with 29 of 31 MD-11 freighter flights as scheduled during the stoppage, which starts on Sunday midnight.

The strike, over pay and job security, will involve around 4,500 pilots at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and the low cost carrier Germanwings.

Lufthansa Cargo will rely on 17 managers with MD-11 pilot licenses to fly freighters during the strike, according to company spokesman Nils Haupt.

The carrier had also booked cargo space with other airlines in anticipation of a strike, Haupt said.

Cargo due to fly in the belly hold of Lufthansa's passenger aircraft has not been re-booked with other airlines as the passenger unit has not yet published its schedule.

Two freighter flights have been cancelled -- from Frankfurt to Bangalore and Madras, India, on Monday and from Frankfurt to Bahrain-Sharjah-Hong Kong on Thursday.

Haupt said Lufthansa Cargo has made contingency plans for further strikes. The carrier did not say how much it expects to lose financially because of the walk out.

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