Exel CEO to lead Cargo 2000

Exel CEO to lead Cargo 2000

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Cargo 2000, the airline and forwarder group working toward global standards for international air freight shipping, named Mick Fountain of logistics giant Exel as its chairman.

Fountain, chief executive of global freight management at the United Kingdom-based 3PL, is a logistics industry veteran who has been a leading proponent of the sort of high-end, logistics-focused service that the Cargo 2000 group is trying to advance with its quality initiatives.

"Anything that can be done to improve reliability, accessibility and predictability has to benefit all of the stakeholders," said Fountain, who was named at the group''s annual general meeting in Singapore. "Driving productivity and customer satisfaction is a priority for everyone and Cargo 2000 can be successful in moving this ahead."

Elected vice chairman was Wolfgang Schmitz, the senior vice president for business excellence and development at Lufthansa Cargo.

Cargo 2000, an International Air Transport Association interest group, has shifted its focus since its birth as a forwarder-airline alliance aimed at promoting common technology standards. The group now is aimed at endorsing quality standards for basic air cargo processes that ensure the efficient and transparent movement of goods.

That is no small task in an international transport business where goods may be transferred between various companies several times from pickup to delivery.

Cargo 2000 last year added ground handling companies to its membership roster and says several participants are moving toward meeting the three-phase goals the group has outlined for freight processes.

"There are a lot of committed members helping to achieve our objectives but a lot of work that needs to be done," Fountain said. "The next 12 months need to be focused around performance and commitment and we need everyone to help."