Crew blamed in FedEx air crash

Crew blamed in FedEx air crash

The crew of a FedEx cargo jet failed to maintain a safe landing approach -- possibly due to fatigue -- before crashing in Florida nearly two years ago, investigators said Tuesday.

The Boeing 727 crashed short of the runway at Tallahassee Regional Airport in July 2002 and was destroyed by fire. The aircraft's three crew members, the only people aboard, were seriously hurt.

The National Transportation Safety Board concluded the captain and first officer of Flight 1478 failed to maintain a proper glide path during its landing approach at night.

Investigators also concluded that the pilot and first officer were fatigued and did not properly monitor their approach.

The board also discovered the first officer, who was flying the plane, had a severe vision deficiency in which it was difficult for him to properly recognize certain lighted runway signals.

The safety board recommended the Federal Aviation Administration review its protocols for testing pilots with color vision problems.