Airborne, Compac

Develop Parts ProgramSEATTLE, Wash. - Airborne Express said it has developed a new replacement parts inventory system with Compaq Computer Corp.

Under the program, known as Compaq QuickBack, authorized dealers will be able to send serviceable parts to Compaq's headquarters in Houston using Airborne's overnight air express. Airborne will also handle return deliveries. Shipping costs will be paid by Compaq.

Airborne said the new program lowers dealer shipping costs, improves turnaround times and reduces dealer inventories.

Pan Am and Aeroflot

Servicing NY-Moscow

NEW YORK - Pan American World Airways and Aeroflot have begun non-stop service between New York and Moscow.

Under terms of the joint venture, which was approved at the December summit between President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, Pan Am and Aeroflot individually will market and sell one-half of the passenger and cargo space and share equally in the cost of operation.

The flights use Pan Am Boeing 747s, staffed by Pan Am cockpit and flight service crews. Aeroflot may provide up to three flight attendants for

interpretation and marketing.

Continental Delays

Newark Terminal

NEWARK, N.J. - Continental Airlines has moved to May 22, the opening of its new Terminal C at Newark International Airport.

The delay will allow the carrier to complete last-minute preparations.

Continental will consolidate in Terminal C all of its operations that are now in Terminal B and the North Terminal.

USAir to Offer Option

Of First Class or Coach

WASHINGTON - USAir will offer customers the option of first class or coach cabin service beginning in early 1989. Installation of first class sections on more than 200 aircraft in USAir's fleet will begin shortly and be completed in time for the early 1989 integration of Piedmont Aviation into USAir. All Piedmont aircraft are already configured in first/coach class.

EIB Lends $20 Million

To Malta for Terminal

LUXEMBOURG - The European Investment Bank said it has granted a $19.8- million loan to Malta for the building of a new terminal at the country's Luga Airport.

The EIB, the European Community's long-term financing agency, said the loan - worth 16 million European currency units - carries an annual interest rate of 6.95 percent.

The loan represents about a third of total construction costs of a four- story terminal and related facilities such as roads, parking lots and upgraded civil aviation equipment.