AEI Wins 737-400SF Conversion Contract

AEI Wins 737-400SF Conversion Contract

Aeronautical Engineers said it will provide one 737-400SF, 11 pallet configuration, passenger-to-freighter conversion for an undisclosed customer.

The high gross weight aircraft was built in 1989 and is currently undergoing freighter modification and heavy maintenance at Commercial Jet, AEI’s Miami-based conversion center.

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“AEI's B737-400SF 11 Pallet Configuration was selected because it is the only conversion that can accommodate 10 full height AAA containers,” said Robert T. Convey, vice president of sales and marketing. AEI’s “aft” door design allows for one full height 88" x 125" container forward of the main deck cargo door, which in turn allows room for another nine units.

AEI's 737-400SF 11 Pallet Configuration can also accommodate a 53"x88"x64"high pallet in position 11.

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