When the Senate recently voted by a substantial margin to repeal the windfall profit tax, it struck
Should financial institutions experience the benefits and discomforts of monetary policy, or should
If the world economy is to flourish again, the industrial countries must grow at a faster pace and t
The process started slowly and almost unnoticed. In January 1985, upon retiring from the European Co
THE HOPEFUL PROMISE of free trade with Canada has evaporated in the hot sun of a Washington summer.
THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY seems afflicted by an ostrich complex. That is the only explanation fo
ACROSS THE ATLANTIC, where all things American have a special cachet, one less-than-desirable Americ
We can achieve a good agreement on trade with Canada.

Congress has been encouraging such agr
The United Auto Workers and the two major producers, General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. have be
TRADE REPRESENTATIVE Clayton Yeutter's assessment last week that odds are substantially lessthan 50-
The Journal of Commerce celebrates a birthday, its 160th, Sept. 1. That makes it by far the oldest b
As the United States has become the world's largest debtor nation, some observers have questioned wh
Local Phone Rates

Not Correct in StoryThe average cost of local telephone service in New Yor
THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES effectively voted this week not to abandon $10 billion in national asse