A recent book on listening says that while we may spend most of the day doing it, we'll hear only ha
THE JAPANESE may be opening their market to U.S. semiconductor suppliers, according to the latest bo
DANIEL OLIVER, the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, rarely passes up the chance to preach h
CONGRESS IS ITCHING to take another whack at Toshiba Corp. The Senate, angered by the evasion of con
The Journal of Commerce welcomes letters to the editor. Letters intended for publication should incl
Without coordinated international action to reform prevailing fiscal, monetary, credit and commercia
We have a rule at The Journal of Commerce, one pretty much ignored elsewhere in newspapering these d
Victims of industrial accidents require prompt, certain, and reasonably generous relief. But while t
The headline proclaimed that the United States owes more than Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina combined
As much as anything else, the Iran-contra scandal has demonstrated the pitfalls of a White House pol
No sooner have the insurance markets recovered from their worst market capacity crisis ever than the
THE TRADE BILL approved by the Senate Tuesday is far from perfect. But if lawmakers from the House a
CANADA'S RESTRICTIONS on trans-border trucking have become a persistent if minor irritant in relati
Something has seriously gone awry in my life.

I'm at mid-life (I'm not really sure of that;