The name of Rep. Dante Fascell, D-Fla., was misspelled in a letter published in Tuesday's edition of
Although I am not much of a chess player, I am an expert at making a particular move.

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Americas' two biggest car companies and the United Auto Workers Union have begun the most critical l
A recent Journal of Commerce editorial ("Who Needs a Fleet?", Aug. 17) notes the disinterest of the
THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT'S much-debated decision not to build the Lavi fighter plane is a victory for
OVERTHROWING A DICTATORSHIP is one thing. Establishing a democracy is altogether another.As the Phil
Alan Greenspan has hardly had time to find his way to the tennis courts at the Federal Reserve Board
No phase of the Uruguay Round trade negotiations in Geneva is likely to be trickier, or more frustra
An U.S. ship, filled with U.S. grain, sails to the port of a U.S. trading partner. One might expect
WHEN SECRETARY OF STATE William Seward bought Alaska from Czar Alexander II in 1867 for two cents an
TO HEAR THE BIG defense contractors tell it, they don't expect anything when they hire retired gener
The loss of reinvestment tax deferral for U.S.-owned shipping, which resulted

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Not content with eating Big Macs, watching Dynasty and following U.S. football, Britain seems intent
'Who Needs a Fleet?'

Took Brave StandI would like to congratulate The Journal of Commerce on