Rep. Ronald Dellums, D-Calif., supported by legislators in both houses of Congress, has unveiled a b
Insider trading may be an uncomfortable subject on Wall Street these days. But that is certainly not
Twenty-five years ago, most Americans would not have wondered whether the number of their fellow cou
House and Senate conferees soon will meet to work out details of final trade legislation. There will
The Journal of Commerce welcomes letters to the editor. Letters intended for publication should incl
The rapid spread of that modern-day plague, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is causing well-fou
COMMERCE SECRETARY MALCOLM BALDRIGE, who was killed Saturday while practicing his passion of calf-ro
THE CONTINUED UNREST in the Republic of Panama confronts the United States with a difficult challeng
Shippers Holding Out

For Hamburg RulesYour editorial "New Rules at Sea" (July 15), suggestin
Journal of Commerce publisher Don Becker recently pointed out (July 8) the potential threat to the a
The phony trade war between the United States and the European Community is coming to an end with bo
THE CURRENT ECONOMIC EXPANSION continues to surprise both the pros and the armchair economists with
ALAN GREENSPAN, President Reagan's nominee to chair the Federal Reserve Board finally got his confir
It's difficult to interview Treasury Secretary James A. Baker III. But not for the usual reasons.