INCREDIBLE AS IT MAY SEEM, a shipowner is not responsible for cargo lost or damaged because his crew
Just when the Japanese were beginning to think that Japan bashing was at its peak in Washington, alo
As vital as free trade with the United States may be to Canada it is not a matter of free trade at a
Calls for Clarification

Of Product DumpingThe Journal of Commerce deserves to be complimente
Nine months ago, The Journal of Commerce ran the headline Wall Street habits come to the City of Lon
UNIFICATION MAY MEAN SURVIVAL for the ports along the Delaware River. The Delaware River Port Author
ONE OF THE BEST THINGS to come out of all the political speeches by would-be presidents these days i
I asked John Arwood what made him successful in the transportation industry. There are not too many
THE BUZZWORD OF THE YEAR, for anyone who has been living in a cave and missed it, is competitiveness
A HEADLINE in Friday's Journal of Commerce is worth repeating.

It read: Trade Receives Littl
With Congress in the midst of a historic debate on the direction of U.S. trade policy, a parallel de
A KEY HOUSE MEMBER promises a floor fight over the controversial question of when legal fees can be
As demands for the ouster of Panama's strong-man, Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega, grow louder and more
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