RICHARD PAGANES, president of Tubby's Sub Shops Inc., Fraser, Mich., and William J. Washawanny, pres
NO ONE LIKES to be reminded of his mistakes. Even more, he resents having his mistakes made public a
American and other Western trading strategists once took it as an item of faith: as Japan's economy
When Congress resumes work after the Labor Day recess, House and Senate conferees will turn their at
George S. Moore, son of a Burlington Railroad claims agent in Hannibal, Mo., came to Yale University
Ever since the ouster in January of Hu Yaobang as secretary of the Communist Party of China and the
Construction work has already begun in France. In England, machines will start boring through the ro
Your editorial of Aug. 10, "The Ostrich Complex," faults the health insurance industry for its "fail
M. DANNY WALL, the new chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, has revealed his thoughts on th
THE FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION'S recent emergency order changing the Los Angeles terminal contr
AMERICAN AIRLINES is beginning a new advertising campaign focusing on what the company calls its sup
CRAZY AS IT SOUNDS, it sometimes seems that U.S. energy policy might be improved if the policy-maker
Although commenting on international trade in shipping, your Aug. 12 editorial ''Protectionism in Sh
The Ayatollah Khomeini is an enigma to the Western world. But his actions, and those of his follower