TWELVE YEARS AGO, a group of past presidential press secretaries faced a room full of future reporte
GOOD FOR GAO WIJIE, president of the China Ocean Shipping Corp. He told a meeting of Pacific Rim por
The Finnish standard of living is now one of the highest in Europe. Infant mortality is the lowest
The international market represents a significant business opportunity for U.S. microcomputer softwa
There is considerable debate going on regarding the causes of the crisis in general liability insura
For many months, the pressures on Japanese industrial circles have been mounting as the yen continue
It was early evening and I was walking north on the west side of Broadway in New York City. I had al
The French franc may be headed for its fifth devaluation since 1981.

As the German mark cont
VETERAN CORPORATE RAIDER CARL C. ICAHN, who won control last year of Trans World Airlines, is propos
ONE OF THE MORE MEDDLESOME antidotes to the "energy crisis" should be dropped. Almost 10 years ago,
THE HAGGLING, SWEET TALKING and arm twisting that went on at the World Bank and International Moneta
It's time to think about this year's Christmas shopping and the 1988 U.S. presidential elections.
One American admired by Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone was the late John Wayne. Last year
The U.S. discount rate was cut and U.K. base lending rates fell by 0.5 points to 9.5 percent before